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Friday, 15 January 2010

Brown Saves the World with your money!

Gordon Brown has written an article setting out his objectives for tackling global poverty. A draft bill has been published which legally commits the government to providing overseas aid.

I think it's wonderful the way the world gets together when there is a crisis somewhere. All sorts of aid agencies rush to the disaster areas and people give generously to help in the effort. Which is how it should be!

What completely fucks me off is the audacity of Brown to a) legally bind any Government to such an untaking when he knows full well that Labour are going to lose the next election and b) how easily he pledges money that does not fucking belong to him!

Listen Brown you fucking halfwitted lunatic baffooon... this is NOT YOUR MONEY YOU ARE GIVING AWAY, IT'S THE BRITISH TAXPAYERS... and charity begins at home!

Far too much goes abroad and achieves absolutely nothing. Most of it fills the pockets of terrorists, dictators and aid agencies.

At the moment, we need much of it to stay in the UK. After all, in the last 12 years we have taken in at least 3 million third world scroungers people who we are already paying for and supporting in our super socialist diverse state! It's one of the reasons (besides illegal wars and a useless chancellor/PM) why we are in such a mess! Ask most people in the street and they will tell you the same thing. When you are about to be made redundant and lose your home, who really gives a shit about third world poverty? Those like Gordon Brown and the righteous can afford to be generous. They are secure financially and don't live in the middle of a "culturally enriched" urban jungle.

The third world hasn't changed in the 50 years I have been alive!.The third world doesn't want to develop, it wants to live on handouts.Ironic isn't it that the imbecilic Brown lectures us on poverty but his party has presided over the biggest poverty scandal in their own country!

Tell you what Gordon, why not just resign and go become a missionary or aid worker and leave us alone?

Rant over....

NB. Lack of blogging due to feeling particularly angry and agrieved at the moment at just about everything but especially about our prospective Conservative Government. Personally, I can't see what difference there is between the Labour and Tory Party.

Where are the real Conservatives?


  1. A change in colour will be the only difference.

  2. As much as I agree with the disappointment the Tories engender we still need to be rid of one colour in order to pressure the other. labour MUST be annihilated first before change is possible.

  3. I agree Oldrightie but we may just find ourselves in exactly the same position especially as Cameron is not as Euroskeptic as we would like.

    I just feel so let down by them.

  4. Chin up young lady - I shall be linking to this post.

  5. Poison-pill legislation?

    After all, who in their right minds would disagree with overseas aid and try to repeal such legislation?

  6. Real conservatives will be voting UKIP Sue.

    As for Haiti, if ever there was a country that would benefit from recolonistion Haiti is it. They have never once had an administration that has ruled to the benefit of the people, instead a mixture of military dictators, voodoo maniacs and gangsters have raped the place for centuries. The UN should establish a Protectorate perhaps under the flag of Norway or Denmark thusly this terrible earthquake would be the salvation of the survivors.

  7. the last 12 years we have taken in at least 3 million third world scroungers people who we are already paying for and supporting in our super socialist diverse state!

    And if it was just them the UK could possibly afford it. Unfortunately there's no shortage of indigenous scroungers either and on top of them you're paying for Community Diversity Outreach Co-ordination and all the other recently invented non-jobs the modern British state feels a need for.

  8. Like you Sue, I don't think there will be much difference. Mind you we may be pleasantly surprised because Cameron does have some good brains on his benches. We have to hope they will be permitted a voice.

  9. WFW, thank you kindly :)

    Tory Totty, we are of the same mind!

    Mrs R, I'm afraid much of our hard earned cash may as well be flushed down the loo!

    banned, This ex Tory will be voting UKIP! Haiti was a shithole and virtual den of thieves before the earthquake! We should help
    the suffering but paying for the country to be rebuilt is a complete waste of money!

    Angry Exile, point taken, but at least the parents and grandparents of the indigenous did their bit and quite honestly if we
    didn't have so many people in the country, so many of our own feckless could be forced into taking those low paid jobs!

    Subrosa, I hope you're right. I hope that Cameron is just too scared to say!