Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Europeans Citizens Initiative SO MUCH FOR DEMOCRACY!

Refused request for registration

Title: To hold an immediate EU Referendum on public confidence in European Government’s (EG) competence. Date of refusal: 29/10/2013
Language of the request: English
The EU referendum question: “Should the current failing form of EG be replaced by one without democratic deficit?” If there is no public confidence in current EG model then 2014 elections are pointless.

Main objectives:
Declining living standards, increased unemployment, economic recession, an extra €59 B p.a. being printed, drug addict numbers rising on avg. 4.2M p.a. since 2006 (more than population of Berlin), all highlight the current EG structure´s failings. If the EG cannot solve these problems, it is unfit for purpose and should be summarily dismissed, as it does not enjoy the confidence of the people. A new democratic EU structure must then be created according to the will of the people not faceless bureaucrats.


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