Sunday, 21 October 2012

Feel free to insult me.

It's a change to see somebody well-known speak out for us all. It's a great pity it doesn't happen more often.


  1. It is refreshing isn't it. It is similar to when Angela Merkel said what we all know which is that Multiculturalism isn't working.

  2. Think most right thinking people go with this, Sue.

  3. I believe it's more about control than trying to do what is right. The trouble with curbing this sort of free speech is, it tends to the opposite.

  4. If I could think up an effective way to insult you, I would. Terrorist-sympathiser might be a decent start (in light of your ideas about attacking the EU with violence, although I'm sure it's only rhetorical.) ;)

    (Seriously, though - I agree with every word. I've always liked Atkinson from Blackadder to Mr Bean to The Thin Blue Line.)

  5. Paul, as my old mum used to say "Sticks and stones...."

    If I were the violent sort, I would have blown up Brussels by now :)

    Another great saying "The pen is mightier than the sword"..