Friday, 20 July 2012

Monster Raving Loony finishes ahead of LibDem candidate

Oh dear.... and the LibDims think they're just SOOOOOO popular. I suggest you either get rid of Clegg and a few other nutters or you'll cease to exist!


  1. So the Monster Raving Looney candidate beat a monster raving looney. Where is the news in dog bites dog? when the Monster Raving Looney candidate beats all three of the 'mainstream' political parties, all we will be able to say is "The sheeple have woken up!"

  2. Trundlemaster21 July 2012 00:14

    Having seen the shifty way they behave campaigning (Remember Simon Hughes the 'straight choice for Bermondsey') and lying and trying to be all things to all people I'd probably trust Lord Toby Jug of the MRLP over a Lib Dem any day. After looking at the current shower in the HoC I'm probably going to vote for a good non mainstream candidate at the next GE. Better that than continue to descend back into the era of rotten boroughs.

  3. That's the only way to beat them. Vote none of the above and pick an independent candidate or UKIP.

    Fred, I reckon the LibDims are worse than the MRLP. They're bloody running our country into the ground with the support of LibDim leaders Cameron and Clegg. The MRLP might do a better job.

  4. Trundlemaster21 July 2012 10:10

    Sue, the problem with the Lib Dems is they are no longer liberal in the classic sense of the world and by their slavish support for the EU no longer democratic. I've met some good Lib Dem members but they are good in spite of the party rather than because of it.

  5. Oh dear, what a shame. No-one likes to see that.

    Heh, heh. heh.

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