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The Future of the European Union: UK Government Policy

Written evidence from Mrs Anne Palmer, JP (retired)

I do not belong to, and have never been in any Political Organisation or Political Party. My Faithful and True Allegiance is, as always, to the wearer of the British Crown. Responding to The Foreign Affairs Committee Inquiry into 'The Future of the European Union: UK Government Policy.

1. Question: To what extent should the December 2011 European Council and its outcome be seen as a watershed in the UK’s EU Policy and place in the Union?

At first glance it looks as if we should and will stand by and watch while a continental system is built. A statement by the Eurogroup made 30th March 2012, states, "The stability and integrity of the Economic and Monetary Union have required swift and vigorous measures that had been implemented recently, together with further qualitative moves towards a genuine Fiscal Stability Union." Etc. To me it is and should be a "wake-up call" for those that want to be further integrated into the European Union rather than be proud to be elected Politicians of what many believe is/was the best free Country and Nation in the World.

2. Noted that one Gentleman, Mr Ottaway was starting from the assumption that the UK should and will remain an EU Member. Should the EU progress towards the one State of European Union will that decision still stand? The people have recently watched this present Government divide the Nation and Country of England into nine EU Regions through the Localism Bill/Act which is shown quite clearly on the Council of Europe’s Website where "ticks" are recorded when action is taken. Is he and the Government concerned at the extra money for and extra layer of Governance this Country has never had before? These REGIONS with elected Mayors, full Cabinets and all the regalia that goes with them? Note also, "The Regional Dimension of Development and the UN System". Is this also wanted?

3. Noted that Mr Hague made quite clear on 8th March 2012 that, the protocol was not agreed, and as a result the agreement among the 25 nations is not part of the Treaties of the European Union, and does not have the force of EU law and that we will have to continue to seek to protect the single market, financial services and our national interests in other ways in the absence of having secured a protocol to changes to the Treaties of the European Union. I would have thought even changing a Protocol to an already ratified Treaty requires a referendum in ALL EU Nation States.

4. However, on May 31st Ireland is to hold a referendum on the ‘Fiscal Compact’ which is in fact the "Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union" an extra Treaty on top of the Treaty of Lisbon, and whether it disturbs or intrudes on the previous Treaty remains to be seen for the original paragraphs relating to the Eurozone Members are in the body of the Lisbon Treaty.

5. I pray that the original intention to alter just the ‘Protocol’ rather than alter the body of the Treaty, which I believe was/is required for such an important matter, was not the intention of being used to prevent or cheat the people of any country out-side the Euro-Zone.

6. "Should the UK Government support the incorporation of the ‘fiscal compact’ into the EU Treaties?" Without doubt, if the alleged "Fiscal Compact" is included into the Treaty of Lisbon and therefore an alteration to the original Treaty of Lisbon, this Country should-without doubt, have the promised referendum. With a further additional Treaty, which may touch or intrude on the previous Treaty, I leave it to the experts.

7. I do have concerns regarding the recent extra funding to the IMF by the UK Government, which is not in the Euro-zone, yet this extra funding has knowingly been used to ‘help out’ the Euro area through the IMF. This does raise concerns.

8. Further to Paragraph 2 re Mr Ottaway’s remarks regarding remaining in the European Union. That this Country will remain an EU Member. I have noted on more than one occasion that the EU wants to "use its ‘one voice’ in all matters and especially in the United Nation Security Council." In the General Assembly 30th July at the 88th Meeting "General Assembly, in recorded vote, adopts resolution granting European Union, Right of Reply Ability to Present Oral Amendments".

9. In fact I read Hungary’s representative, submitted the draft resolution on behalf of the European Union and reading a number of oral revisions, said it was the product of extensive consultations among a broad spectrum of Member Sates, held following the Assembly’s vote on 14th September 2010 to defer consideration of the original text outlining the bloc’s expanding rights", Do you know what those expanding Rights were? Did the people of this Country know? Were they told? See here GA/10983.

10. UN General Assembly 3rd May 2011. Mr Körösi (Hungary) "It is an honour for me to appear before the general Assembly, on behalf of the members of the European Union (EU), the draft resolution on the participation of the European Union in the work of the United Nations, contained in document A/65/L.64/Rev.1 I would like in particular to thank the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for being here today at a moment of great significance for the European Union". Etc.

11. What a great pity the people of this Country did not have the opportunity to celebrate this good news with them-FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WERE NOT TOLD. Will the EU soon have "one Voice" in the UNSC? Will this Country still need a British Government or a House of Commons or House of Lords, especially as the EU Regions have been set up here in the once United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at all, because no one will hear their voices, not even in the United Nation’s Security Council if the European Union are going to speak with their one VOICE in all matters and on our behalf.

12. Your questions, 'The Future of the European Union: UK Government Policy.

The future of the European Union as it is at the moment is rather doubtful. Whether we as a country could remain in the EU knowing without doubt that it is to become one European State/Country, not even as once thought a United States of Europe rather like the USA, which should, under the circumstances when recent Governments have let the people down, I would have thought should be decided by a Government of Great Britain that is faithful and true to their solemn Oaths of Allegiance to the British Crown, that the Oaths they make before they take their seats in that wonderful and once proud Houses of Parliament, would lift the people into perhaps bringing a little faith and hope of a Government they could be proud of once more. For the only way for this Country and nation to survive, is out of the European Union completely. We truly should never have joined. (See Hansard from the 1960’s)

13. If that is rejected, the people of course should be given a referendum on an ‘in or out’ of the European Union, and surely knowing exactly what the European Union is in reality to become, far better for our Government to tell the people exactly why they are proposing to allow such a referendum and for the people to make a decision. A federal European Union or a Sovereign United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland once more? That way, a British Government may win back some credibility and respect which it lacks at present and a chance to really govern this Country according to its long Standing Common Law Constitution. Failing that, in all honesty, if the EU continues as is proposed and encouraged by British Governments to fill the role of a Single State of Europe, I have absolutely no idea what the ending will be, except that there will be in all probability a terrible and tragic ending for all, with no going back.

11 May 2012

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