Thursday, 5 January 2012

Talk Constitution

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Democracy takes many forms, from the oldest parliamentary system in the world, Switzerland, to the so called Mother of Parliaments, the UK.

Across the centuries both have been inspirational in the founding principles of other nations, being a beacon and guiding light for the constitutions that they have produced guaranteeing the freedoms and rights of their citizens, including the USA.

Today we find the democratic world under attack, not from the clearly defined enemies of the past, but from within, from the socialist, the communist, the communitarian who now stalks and controls the halls of power whilst pretending democracy.

We have seen very clearly that pretend in action, with the removal of democratically elected governments in both Greece and Italy, replaced by Eurocrats, who even today are reneging on the promises of new elections.

Today, in our own parliament, those in power try to convince us that we do not have a constitution of our own, yet ignore those constitutional documents that have for so long preserved your own rights and freedoms. They want to foist upon you a new Bill of Rights based upon communitarian values and ignore the Bill of Rights that we already have, knowing that most of you do not even know of its existence, with the teaching of our constitution and its attendant documents having been removed from our Schools and Legal colleges.

This must change if we are to survive as a free people. We must again bring our scattered constitutional documents to the fore and work towards producing a Codified Constitution based upon our ancient rights before a new communitarian world thrusts one upon us.

As our own government loses sight of its reason and purpose, perhaps it is now time for the British people to bring back some of those founding principles that we gave the free world, and re-invest them in our own future.

As such I am proud to host a new pressure group called Talk Constitution has been put together by David Phipps (of Witterings from Witney fame) and a few others, its clear aim is to produce 3 documents.

1. A Codified Constitution for the UK, based upon the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, and other documents that you can see listed at the bottom (from Wikipedia).

2. To clearly define the limitations of Government.

3. To set out an Operating Convention for Government, based upon the Swiss model, including referism and localism. A model of government where decisions are taken at the lowest possible level and fed up, rather than from the center and fed down. This will also encourage the rise of independent representatives as the party system looses both its power and influence, as that power is reclaimed by the people to whom it belongs, the public.

As you will see over the coming weeks and months this is a most emotive subject, but one that must be tackled head on. It is not the kind of subject that should be conducted by politicians, as the outcome will always be in the politicians interests, nor by the legal establishment who have maintained the legal fiction supporting the political for too long. That is why the decision has been taken that political organisations will be excluded from the discussion board, as the objective is to arrive at the best possible solutions, in favour of the public, decided by the public and approved by the public, or those who wish to participate at least.

I am sure the discussion board would welcome the input from individual lawyers and politicians, but only in their capacity as single members of the public, as equal as everyone else.

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