Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Freedom of Speech

With thanks to Goodnight Vienna :)


  1. Getting a lot of coverage in the sphere this evening.

  2. l put that speech amongst the best l've ever heard. Alas, l fear he was speaking to those that are deaf.

  3. You might also be interested in a speech by a Norwegian MP from the Progress Party (national conservative, anti-EU, libertarian types) on Islam who claims that ethnic self-annihilation is occurring in Norway:

    See here.

  4. James, it's a good speech that invigorates feelings of patriotism and I am a patriot. I love my country and it's people and I am just as upset as Wilders with what is happening. I heartily concur with his views.

    Smoking Hot. All judges are now left wing and seem to hate anyone that doesn't share their worldview. It's sad that we can't trust them any more.

    Thank Paul, Going to have a read now :)

  5. The Norwegians aren't stupid. The Progress Party is the second-largest party in Norway, and is officially neutral on the EU membership question. Having said that, having considered the way the bog-trotters were treated I can't see them going for it.

    The Norwegians seem a strange bunch of people, with their weird alcohol laws and such but above all that they seem like good people. They need to be free.

  6. Was delighted to read in Cranmer (23 June) that Wilders has been declared innocent.

    A victory for freedom of speech!


  7. Freedom of speech is essential in a free society, and this is a pleasing result. Nevertheless, I believe Wilders is barking up the wrong tree, more of a troublemaker than a man of the people.

    He is as much a (funded?) extremist as the extreme Muslims he opposes, and dividing the unity of the downtrodden majority is their game.

    Both sides are pawns in the globalist's game, perhaps unwitting, but more likely not.