Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The holier than thou blogosphere.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and of course, should be able to voice them for as long as we still have free speech, but sitting behind a screen writing a blog, is hardly courageous!

The people who are demonstrating in cities throughout Europe however are being courageous and they are doing something positive. The people who have gathered in Trafalgar Square, Syntagma Square, Bastille Square and Puerta del Sol Square are not just a young mob of students, social workers and civil servants and UK Uncut troublemakers. They are ordinary people, yes there are socialists, communists, civil servants and students,  but more importantly there are people who have lost their jobs and homes too.

Just remember, even though the PIIGS were recipients of all that EU funding, their citizens were not given a referendum on the EU either. They too, trusted their politicians just as we did, hoping that what they did, would enable them to create better futures for themselves and their children. They may have taken advantage of low interest loans but they were encouraged to do so and if they had been warned of the risks, they would probably have thought twice.

It's all very well for those of us not caught up in the debt trap to say, ah well, it's their fault but whether you like it or not, some greedy, corrupt people did very well out of their misery. Even now, the powers that be, are being paid extortionate salaries with solid gold pensions while Europe crumbles under their feet. You can bet your life that when it all falls apart, there will be many of them who have accrued nice little nest eggs to keep them in comfort for the rest of their lives. Nobody asked the people if it was OK to bail out the banks with their tax money and nobody is stopping the bankers of those institutions from taking their bonuses. Nobody is even asking their consent on any decisions made in their name at all! These people are campaigning for a return to democracy, something which is sadly lacking in the UK too.


The demonstrations started on local elections day in Spain. The message essentially  was "vote none of the above". In the same way we have been campaigning against voting for Lib/Lab/Con because there's no difference between them. They want a complete change in the political system, just like we do, only they're doing something about it.

So, until the day comes that those who criticise get off their arses and start doing something positive, they need to climb down from their pedestals first.


  1. I agree.

    I am having a protest with regards to the smoking issue with other ordinary people who say they care and I wonder how many will actually turn up.

    I wait to be astounded.

  2. I'm active with the EDL, it's not easy either. No I don't blame the people, our leaders will try to collect their 30 pieces of silver no doubt, but hopefully we'll get our revenge.

  3. I take your point, Sue but surely a voice is a voice, no matter how or where heard? The day may come when we
    can mobilise behind a credible movement but it does take time. Blogging is netter than nothing.

  4. Agreed. My default sympathy is always with demonstrators.

  5. Sue,

    Take your point, but feel that there is room for both blogger and demonstrator. With a supine MSM, it is through bloggers that news is found and who are the catalyst for such demos?

    Stick July 9th in your diary - fancy a trip to London, a little demo in the preparation pipeline......

  6. There is room for all sorts of action. Some of us are unable to take part physically, so we do what we can. All I am saying is while there are people who are willing to get out there and DO SOMETHING, we should be supporting them not looking down our noses at them.

  7. Perhaps the demonstrations are a sign that the arguments we have repeatedly blogged are beginning to be heard and appreciated.

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  9. I agree with your sentiment, Sue.

    The question is; how to harness the power of public anger? Unfortunately the establishment left are very adept at doing this, and directing the people back to the plantation.

  10. I have a feeling that this will not just fizzle out. Although, I must say our MSM are doing us absolutely no favours by not reporting what's going on but if the UK Govt is quite happy to censor youtube videos, they'll resort to desperate measures to keep control.

    Trooper, that is why as the "alternative news" we bloggers have a duty to report the truth of what is going on. We can't rely on anyone but ourselves.

    We are not helping when we denigrate people's efforts by belittling their reasons for demonstrating. We need to pick out the valid reasons of why they are angry. Those that bunch everyone together with UK Uncut mob are doing a great job for the government!!!

  11. I know that 100,000 protesters in Trafalgar square looks impressive, but I think that these things are probably quickly forgotten by people living outside the London Bubble.

    I often wonder why groups don't have multiple events around the country, Birmingham, Newcastle. Manchester, Plymouth etc.

    A couple of hundred people in each location may get more of a national feel to it. Get someone to film it and put them on the internet.

    Look at how many hits those flashmob vids get. You could even get the crowd singing something suitable "Rule Brittannia" or "Jerusalem".

    There are probably a lot of people who cannot afford the £100s to get to London who want to air their feelings.