Friday, 15 April 2011

Spanish holidays are now great value.

Just a quick plug!

Forget holidays at home and cut-price breaks to Turkey, if you're looking for value for money the Spanish Costas are the most affordable destination in Europe.

British holidaymakers will get more for their cash on the Iberian Peninsula than any other hotspot, with prices in Spain dipping to a four-year low, according to a new survey.

Recession-hit Spain has slashed prices after the number of Britons visiting the country dropped by 15 to 20 per cent, due to the double whammy of financial woes at home and the buoyant euro.

Daily Mail

The weather is beautiful now and it's still really cheap to have a night out.


  1. Ole! If I fancy a break abroad I'll definitely come over your way Sue. What's been putting me off in the past few years is the harassment of airports and we need to fly from here as driving is out of the question.

  2. Smokers used Spain all the time but the hike in taxes on tobacco and the smoking ban have had a devastating effect on Spain as a destination. Bulgaria is benefitting from this.

  3. And the fruit hurling, donkey smashing, fish thieves are terrific company ;-)

    (Actually they really are, and I'm sure they'd have been even better if my Spanish wasn't so pitiful.)

  4. subrosa. You're very welcome :)

    Smoking Hot. Spain has lots to offer besides cheap tobacco. Holiday rentals have really gone down in price and you are almost guaranteed sun.

    Angry Exile. The Spanish are very much like the Brits. They have the sense of humour and are just as crazy about sport. Once you get to know them, you couldn't ask for better friends.

  5. I have Spain right here in Blighty a few times a week. Quite a place.

  6. Can anyone recommend a part of Spain with access from North West regional airports (i.e. Blackpool; Manchester; Liverpool)?

    I've done Costa del Sol and don't really fancy that again. Benidorm is a total non-starter. Anywhere else where it's nice and not full of English chav scum?