Friday, 25 March 2011

Watch out for the Census Gestapo!

Funny how we can afford to ensure other people live in a democracy and we don't isn't it?

"The enforcement army will be deployed early next month as the first wave of an operation costing hundreds of millions of pounds to try to ensure no home in the country fails to comply with the census".

Details of the orders given to the census 'field staff' were revealed yesterday by the Office for National Statistics which is running the £500 million exercise to try to count the population.

What about all the illegals then? It has been said there could be as many as a million.

Source : Daily Mail


  1. The thing that makes me laugh, and I'm paraphrasing, is that the Government / ONS document (all 180-odd pages of it) says that the only way a census can be conducted is with the consent of the people.

    It's all the funniest kind of consent I've ever encountered. Threats of fines, visits from the Gestapo, risk of imprisonment, Lockhead Martin...

    I think Orwell had a word to describe this use of the word 'consent'...

  2. First we proof that the ONS is staffed by stupid people...

    "or persuading them to fill it in if previously unwilling (reminding them of the compulsory nature of the census)"

    and then we get the stupidity that is common to all Daily Mail reporters...

    "More than 22 million homes are required to fill in their 32 page census forms."

    If any home is actually a sentient being capable of recognising the form for what it is, being able to open it and read it let alone know which bits it has to fill in and then send it back, we need to know!

  3. I'll have to dig that bit out I think or my daughter will get worried. At least she can show it to the person at the door if they begin to threaten her.

    William.. The whole government is staffed by thicko's and don't even get me started on the DM. Where have all the real journalists gone?

  4. Am currently staying at a friends who has no intention of filling it in. When said Gestapo turn up l'll have the opportunity of having some fun ... my German is passable but my Bulgarian not so good ... but they won't know! :)

  5. Desperation?

  6. Only a million illegals? I thought it was at least,at least twice that amount.

  7. Ancient and tattered airman25 March 2011 at 21:49

    Like Whistle I cannot believe 'up to 1 million illegals'. Twice that number - or more is credible.

  8. William. can't get the link to work. Is it the virtual census video game "white male" link?

    Gentleman, I'm surprised they don't have a little box in the census that says "Are you here legally or not?"..

    What I find puzzling is, with all this talk of cutting the numbers of non-EU workers, nobody ever mentions how we get rid of the illegals we already have.

  9. They are just the other cheek of the same Communitarian arse we booted last May, Sue - a serious amount of money is being wasted on extra Gestapo for a census they'd like us to believe they'd rather not and wouldn't be carrying out if they hadn't been lumbered with it by Labour! Bollocks!

    And then there's the £250 million for the AV referendum that we don't want and the EU referendum we do want but can't get while they're pissing shitloads of money up the wall on EU bailouts and the EU in general!

    Meanwhile it's "cuts" for everyone else!

    Bring on the revolution!

  10. How on earth do they know which 'house' has filled in a form or whether it's accurately completed?

    What if you enter your neighbour's address and some completely made up answers, does he get into trouble for submitting two forms?

    Anyway, I'm happy to fill in mine, can't do any harm.