Monday, 4 October 2010

Health and Safety in Spain

Taken just down the road from us. Mr MV said nobody would believe him unless he took a photo.



  1. Ha!

    In Lagos I saw scaffolding of bamboo and it was secured with what looked like bootlaces. Many manhole covers had been nicked (to sell for scrap) and you had to know the roads well to avoid ripping wheels off, and possibly injury. No signs, no warnings, no HS&E guys crowding around with clip-boards and their tut-tuts.

    And, weirdly, no accidents.


  2. It doesn't bother me at all, infact there's a sort of comforting freedom about it.

    I must admit we do have some accidents but not as many as you would think.

  3. Wow Sue, the Brits will be shouting for hard hats to walk past that. Not all of them of course. :)

  4. A top example, although the back streets of Spain (especially the bit near me) have a nice habit of offering up some corkers like this. A good spot.

  5. It HAS actually improved here since I first arrived. To see whole families riding on a single moped WITH SHOPPING was not unusual at one time.

  6. Coalition on the case?

    "... the idea that someone who tries to do the right thing should not be penalised for it. At present, a public-spirited individual who clears snow on the pavement can face prosecution if someone else falls and injures themselves, as can a member of the emergency services if he or she does something that violates health and safety regulations but is necessary to save others.

    This situation is crazy, and it gets to the heart of what has gone wrong with health and safety legislation and its enforcement. If Lord Young’s report succeeds in bringing an end to the caution that is paralysing public services and strangling individual initiative, it will have achieved an enormously important change. With the exception of those over‑zealous, interfering officials – who will no doubt do all they can to frustrate its implementation"

    Lord Young

  7. The same thing applies to electrical installations. Us "Good Europeans" have ever stricter regulations, despite the fact that our systems were already very safe. Yet look through the freebie trade magazines and you will regularly see pictures of horrifically bad wiring taken by Brit engineers on holiday...

    And regarding CR's comments about scaffolding, I visited Singapore in 1988 en-route to 'Oz. There is a very large telecoms towers on the island, and it was surrounded from top to bottom with bamboo scaffolding! And this thing was 3-400ft high...