Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fuck Off Boris


What the fuck does he think happened when we Londoners all had to move out of London because it was getting a little too diverse?



  1. What? Was it a poorer area than fucking Somalia? Jeez!

  2. As a lot of them are getting shipped to Luton we're getting flyers knocked up with a farmer with a shotgun saying 'London, keep your poor'. 'Local housing for local people'. 'Now get off our land.'

  3. "we Londoners all had to move out of London because it was getting a little too diverse?" I've spent the last twenty years since I fled in the belief that by saying that I might get done for inciting racial hatred so usually put it down to the traffic or perhaps, if feeling daring, "London's gone to the dogs" and let them make of that what they will.

  4. Bucko. I wonder how he'd like being shipped back to a grass hut in the desert. That's what I would do to the ungrateful bastard.

    RFB. Many of my friends born and bred in Luton have had to leave too. The immigrants ethnically cleanse the areas they occupy by making life unbearable for the indigenous of that town. My friend even got told to leave Luton "cos it was a muslim town now". Luton is a lost cause, nothing short of a nuke can solve that problem.

    Banned. My roots are in East London (Plaistow, Silvertown, Poplar, Isle of Dogs, Stratford, Maryland and Canning Town). My family have been scattered around England. I've lost touch with many of them. We used to live in one town.

    We were forced to leave eventually as we had bought a house in Upton Park (when it was whiter) and it was time for our kids to go to school. I found out that the only primary schools that were in the catchment area were 99% immigrant and that English was rarely spoken in them. What was I supposed to do?

    As far as I am concerned, we were ethnically cleansed. We had no choice but to move out of London and commute back in for work.

    I'm not racist, I'm just not afraid to speak the truth. In truth, it's the Indigenous Britons that have been ethnically cleansed, not anybody else and I'm furious about it.

  5. I agree about Luton Sue, but even more of them and they will spread even further into the countryside. Luton has a housing shortfall and it will only push up prices and the great unwashed further afield

    I left East London to get away from the filth. is this a Tory plan to make the Smoke more Des-Res and dump on Liebour Luton. V

  6. Re Luton, Farly Hill was the last white bastion of public housing in last time I looked, and possibly "tintown".