Friday, 10 September 2010

Hypocrites and Total Bastards!

"New data allegedly shows how the European commission "interfered" in the run-up to last year's Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty.

The data was collated by Open Europe, a UK-based eurosceptic think-tank, which campaigns for British withdrawal from the EU.

It says the statistics reveal how the executive "sought to sell the Lisbon treaty, especially to Irish journalists" via a series of meetings, seminars and other events.

Stephen Booth, a researcher with Open Europe, said, "There was clearly a concerted effort to reach all Irish media before the referendum, which makes a mockery of the commission's claim that it would not interfere in what was a national referendum."

A commission spokesman said they did not wish to comment"

Not news to all of us who know better of course.

but it does makes this article interesting.

Are they preparing incase the UK Government are forced by the public into giving us one?

If so, we must be prepared for a counter campaign.


  1. If we got an in or out referendum, Westminster, The Civil Service and the Unions would join forces to get a result they would cravenly crave.

  2. Can you imagine the hype we would be fed?