Tuesday, 7 September 2010

EU Referendum

If you're anything like me, you'll sign any petition to get us that referendum! It's vital that we the British People are consulted on our continuing EU membership.

Dan Hannan's latest post may just be what we need.


  1. Shame the darned pledge isn't working to be able to sign it.

  2. Agreed MV however have linked with a slightly 'alternative' comment.

  3. From my browsings, I believe that this is the third site asking for support on this issue. It feels like a divide and conquer operation. Maybe that's me being paranoid.

  4. anon,

    or maybe they're just gathering all our addresses for the round-up.

    I don't care. We have to stand up and be counted

  5. It is one thing to want to leave the EU, another thing to want a referendum about it. A referendum is what Liberal Democrats want.

    People forget the lesson of the 1975 referendum. A majority of around 60% for leaving the EEC (according to opinion polls) was turned into a majority of over 60% at the pollsfor staying in between 1973 and 1975.

    Euroscepticism is widespread but it is shallow and people can easily be frightened about their jobs etc.

    I consulted Dr. Tony Coughlan of the Irish National Platform on this. Whilst certainly not telling us what to do, he believes that a referendum could only be won with any degree of certainty, if one of the main parties (preferably the party in government) was in favour of "out".

    It is, of course, highly desirable to have a team of people who understand how to win a referendum. But if you call an "in/out" vote and it is lost, that's the end of effective campaigning for twenty years because "THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN".

    I believe it would be wiser to campaign for referenda on specific issues - like the Common Fisheries Policy, the European Arrest arrant and so on. Then, if you do lose, you have lost a battle but you haven't lost the war. Don't volunteer for the Charge of the Light Brigade. C'est magnifique mais ce n'est pas la guerre.