Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Beating Etiquette

Words fail me, they really do. I'd like to beat him with a short rod!

The sooner our politicians realise that Islam is rapidly turning into a world cult and a European problem, the better.

Thanks to Kitman


  1. It truly is an abhorrent religion and quite unchangeable as it is supposedly the direct word of God to Mohammed.

    Btw, welcome back, you've been missed.

  2. Welcome back! Good to see you back on the air.

  3. Thank you kind sirs :)

    It is not a religion I would wish on ANY FEMALE!

    As is often mentioned, where are the womens' rights people when this is going on?

  4. Welcome back, Sue, it's been ages!

    I'm running a little series on this abhorrent "religion" at the moment, so I've nicked the video and back-linked to you. ;-)