Tuesday, 8 June 2010

White Solidarity?

Needless to say if I built a webpage called "The Home of White Politics", there would be a few raised eyebrows!

If on that page, I told you to vote for a particular candidate, not for his/her skills or popularity, but because he/she was white. I'd be in deep shit.


It seems if you are an ethnic minority, you can do/say what you like.

It's only racist when a white person says something!


  1. Out-fucking-rageous!

  2. Oh yes, here in multi-cultural Wellingborough where Polish delicatessens and mini-markets are the only sign of economic green shoots we have a Hindu Community Centre. I doubt if we'd be allowed to have a Church Of England Community Centre.

    The Penguin

  3. It's very unfair and will backfire on any government that continues this stupid policy!

  4. As long as you no white man, dis am de country to live! Ev'ting free man! F'ing great man, de more chillun you have de more de govt pay you! House? de govt give you man, den pay fo' you to live der!

    Sorry Sue but I thought it only fair to use the style of grammar it seems our schools teach!

  5. WfW.. Street talk, how I don't miss it!

  6. Captain Haddock8 June 2010 at 20:22

    If it weren't so dire & so bloody dangerous .. you'd have to laugh

  7. It's not good when it's one sided. Soon it will become acceptable to exclude whites completely from some things.

    It will piss people off!

  8. It's not good when it's one sided. Soon it will become acceptable to exclude whites completely from some things.

    It will piss people off!

  9. Captain Haddock8 June 2010 at 21:33

    I'm very much afraid that it has already become "acceptable" Sue ..

    When the formation of the Black Police Association was permitted .. whilst the formation of a "White Police Association" was officially forbidden ..

    When a call to vote, based purely one someone's skin colour can be publicly made .. without fear of repurcussions

    "Diversity" ,"Multi-culturalism" etc only ever seems to operate in one direction .. and it certainly isn't in the direction of those of us, whose skin colour could be described as being "reflective" ..

    "Fair play" .. "Level playing field" ? .. My starboard testicle it is ..

  10. Bristol Dave's got another one for us, where New Labour half wit Kerry McCarthy, actively supports the racist objectivesof a politically correct council.

  11. There are three comments over there now, Sue, my own included....

    The Filthy Engineer, on June 8, 2010 at 7:27 pm Said:

    Wouldn’t it make better sense to vote for the best person for the job? What does it matter what their skin colour, race, sexual orientation, is?

    Barking Spider, on June 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm Said:

    I agree with the Engineer, this should not be about gender or equality or anything other than electing the most capable person for the job – that’s all that’s required and anything else is pure gerrymandering.

    Lucas, on June 8, 2010 at 9:02 pm Said:

    This is pure racism, as a young black man I can tell you that you certainly do not speak for me.

    Good for Lucas - that's telling them pretty damned straight.

  12. Yes, well said Lucas.

    However it is encouraging that despite Dianne Abbot playing the gender and race cards for all they are worth the Labour Party, when push comes to shove, refuse to endorse her not because she is a woman and not because she is black but because she is rubbish.

  13. Capt. You're so right. I'm surprised Kerry McCarthy doesn't black up and become a muslim!

    As Lucas says. I don't think they speak for the majority of integrated immigrants. If race is continually made an issue, the problems of racism will never go away.

  14. Captain Haddock9 June 2010 at 11:50

    Sue said ...

    " ... If race is continually made an issue, the problems of racism will never go away" ..

    That's the whole point Sue, "they" don't want it to go away ..

    If people were left alone, to get on with their lives, the massive Race Relations "industry" would become obsolete .. then all those otherwise unemployable tossers, (like that arch-knobhead "clever" Trevor Phillips) who currently keep the pot boiling would have to look for proper jobs .. for which they're neither qualified nor suited ..

    I think the technical term for this is "self interest" ..

  15. Absolute disgrace thank god for the EDL and March for England common sense and fair play for all, the country is sliding down the shitter day by day....

  16. It's wrong, but there's nobody to complain to.

    EHRC has a 'board' of commissioners comprising 3 men and 10 women. The men include Trevor Phillips.

    The thing is that they don't seem to realise they are promoting inequality - all of them.

    Have you read Charlotte Gore's piece about the same sort of thing?

  17. Is that MLK?!?

  18. The ol' OBV aye, well it looks like all has been sais already. V

  19. All true, Sue, but you have to admit that Diane no-to-independent-schools-unless-it's-my-kids Abbott as leader of Her Maj's Opposition would be hilarious, especially as everyone would know it wasn't her talents that got her there so much as the Labour Party's desperate need for their own version of Token from South Park .