Monday, 7 June 2010

Assault by condescending language

Tee hee, you've gotta laugh!

Police have been told to stop calling pensioners "old biddies" or "dear" in an official guide on appropriate language. They have also been banned from using terms such as "love" or saying gay people "bat for the other side".

The Appropriate Language Guide tells officers to avoid insulting members of the public or colleagues by using offensive terms linked to gender, age, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

But critics said officers in a modern force would be only too aware not to use terms such as "Mongol" Spaz", Retard" or "coloured" while dealing with the public or colleagues.

It reads: "You should be aware that some people may not enjoy being referred to as "one of the boys" or "one of the girls" and adds "In a similar way, you need to be aware that terms such as "dear", "pet", or "love" can be devaluing and patronising, particularly when used by older staff towards younger staff. They are best avoided."

The guide warns that terms such as "Afro-Caribbean" or "African-Caribbean", although used in the force's official documents, "can prove offensive to those of African or Caribbean ethnicity who have been born in Britain".

With regards to sexual orientation, where "phrases and euphemisms abound", the guide advocates language which is "direct, factual and, therefore, professional".

It adds: "Phrases such as "a person of the other persuasion", "a woman with lesbian tendencies" and "he/she bats for the other side" should be avoided."

Police chiefs were unable to say how much the guide cost to produce, but a police spokeswoman said: "The Appropriate Language Guide was produced by the force to complement the diversity training course that all staff attend."

Carl Watt, director of Stonewall Scotland, welcomed the guide, and said: "Lothian and Borders Police have a track record of working to build trust with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and making great efforts to ensure everybody is treated equally and fairly."

It's like something out of a Monty Python Movie isn't it?



  1. terms such as "Afro-Caribbean" or "African-Caribbean "can prove offensive to those of African or Caribbean ethnicity who have been born in Britain".

    So what are we supposed to call wogs?

  2. I always find it amusing when Americans call black British folk "African American" cos they have been trained to do so for so long.

    I think it's all a bit silly, the PC shite!

  3. Captain Haddock7 June 2010 at 21:15

    What a complete consignment of geriatric shoe-makers (no offence intended towards any shoe-makers of a certain age who might be reading this), of course ..

    Its this sort of tripe (no offence intended to any cow which has lost its stomach) which has brought the Police into such disrepute ..

    Total offence intended toward & directed at the Senior Police Officers who permit this crap to continue ..

    You lack the common sense to even be labelled "Wankers" (at least a true wanker knows to move the hand up & down) .. you are merely "Grippers" ...

  4. Probably much easier to just ignore everyone, which seems to be what they're doing.

  5. Come on now it's only good manners to be politically correct whilst waiting for the Taser to reach optimum charge. I blame dixon of dock green for starting all this equality shit, "evenin all" was just the start of the police force classing us as an "all" and not individuals.

  6. I thought all this was going to stop. How much is "diversity and political correctness" going to cost us? How much has already been pissed up the wall in this giant brainwashing exercise?