Monday, 17 May 2010



"Rivers of Blood" - NOTHING. Worried about the BNP membership - You should be. Concerned that the grass roots Tories are leaving the Conservative Party - It's inevitable. Still trying to defend our membership of the EU? - Yeah, right.

Prepare for the next wave of poverty stricken East Europeans. People who have lived in abject poverty think nothing of killing, stealing and conning people out of money.


  1. I'm not sure it ever will, given the spread of the EU!

  2. It won't. Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey and Albania coming up to a neighbourhood near you soon.

    All poverty stricken (lots of Muslims) and all heading for the UK in large quantities.

    It has to stop, we just won't be able to cope.

  3. The EU cannot afford these Countries' accessions. hell, they can't afford ClubMed! It's finished as a trading and political bloc. Five years tops before it is broken up!!

  4. OR. That will not stop the invasion of the Balkan States to the UK.

    We need to get out of the EU. Then we can welcome skilled migrants just like Australia does.

    I suggest everyone gets a big dog or you will have lodgers in your garages and garden sheds.

  5. Yet another compelling reason for getting the hell out of the failing EUSSR. Bet the bastards have an eye on our benefits!

    These newer accession countries joined so that their economies would rise to our level. Instead ours is, and will continue to fall to their level. A thought though. If hopefully we leave the EU, how do we repatriate these millions flooding in?

  6. Just repatriate those who are not working. The United Kingdom has always welcomed hard working people. I believe they recently started something in Peterborough to repatriate those who were living in peoples sheds. How successful they have been, I don't know.

    We need only allow those entry where we have a shortage of that particular skill as the Australians do. We have plenty of young people on the dole to do the manual and unskilled stuff.

    Then we must ensure that they have jobs and accommodation before they come and if they have neither or lose either, they have to go home, simple!

  7. We have lots of fun coming up.

  8. I suggest you all leave or stop paying tax.

    If I were in the UK, I would do the latter now.

    What with the UK losing sovereignty over its finances tomorrow, how much more of a horror story can it get?

  9. In a way, Britons have only got themselves to blame. The Spanish refuse to employ foreigners. If they need to employ a foreigner, they do it begrudgingly.