Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pretentious or What?

I've noticed recently and especially today that the "Browns" have been wearing purple. Isn't that traditionally the colour of royality?

Well, what a sham the last debate was. Of course non of the parties will admit that whatever happens they will have very little power left after 2012, so unless you vote UKIP the outcome will be very much the same. At least Labour and the LibDems are up front with their EU intentions. The Tories on the other hand are sly and underhand pretending that they will grab power back, which of course, they won't.. because they're "progressive", which means left of centre, socialist, commie bastards!


  1. Gordon has been wearing "Emperor Purple" ties for simply aeons - as a way of broadcasting his very diminished opinion of himself to all who see him - saves him having to tell them how important he is .. (He is a historian and obviously feels that if it was the done thing for Roman Emperors to wear Purple then why shouldn't he ..... after all, quite a few of them Emperors achieved exalted rank by nefarious methods, quite a few believed themselves to be "Gods" and possessed of infallibility, able to save the world in the gap between breakfast and lunch, that sort of thing, so the parallels between the Caesars and Gordo, well it is obvious, ain't it ...

  2. Was he wearing purple last night? I couldn't tell, I was watching through my fingers! :)

  3. He wore a purple tie with white spots I think (unless I was drunk by then).

  4. Spot on with the word 'Progesive' Sue

  5. Stay vociferous and keep up the high standard.

    Rooting for you in Ruisling.

    John Ward (not the one in Medway)

    The Slog