Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lounge Lizard Mandelson

Mandelson has alot of bitchy things to say lately. Cameron's a toffee nose etc... his claws are out tonight too.

"Just hours ago, Lord Mandelson warned the Prime Minister not to get too irritated with the Tory leader as the parties stepped up their spin operations. In a mischievous briefing just hours ago, the Business Secretary said that Mr Brown would have to show respect and 'do his best to conceal his irritation' with Mr Cameron. 'He's got to show respect,' he said. 'It's not that he doesn't think David Cameron's clever. David Cameron is clever. 'I think the Prime Minister just sometimes finds him a bit trivial and a bit glib. People will mark him (Mr Brown) down for not showing respect for the people he is debating with.' 'The public will see a smart alec is coming towards them,' he said. 'That's what David Cameron has to be careful of.

He said if Mr Cameron started 'pulling tricks' or 'playing games', Mr Brown would have to be careful not to 'rise to it' or be 'drawn into game-playing". Daily Mail

Mandy, why are you such a wanker? Remember this?

"LORD Mandelson has disclosed that he is ready to accept a job under a future Conservative government.

In an interview with The Sunday Times magazine, the business secretary said he would be willing to put his “experience at the disposal of the country”, if Labour lost power. “As I grow older, I can imagine more ways of serving my country than simply being a party politician,” he said". The Sunday Times 27th Sept 2009



  1. Snotty was very much his own man. Fantastic!!!

  2. He'll be fucking lucky to get any job, Sue. God, how I hate him - and McShite bombed bigtime, tonight! :-)

  3. I hope the Labour Party is finished. It will be interesting to see how the last 13 years will be viewed in the history books!