Friday, 22 January 2010

Words Fail Me!

If you are a grandparent (as I am), one would naturally assume that most of you have done your bit in bringing up your own kids. You´ve been through all those stages, babies, the terrible 2´s, primary school, secondary school and anything after that! You´ve gained valuable experience over a period of probably 20 years or more.

Well, not only does the government think they should be teaching men about breastfeeding but now they want to teach us oldens to suck eggs.

They have just spent another £2.2million on a website to do precisely that. A desperately sad 645 people have already joined. Money well spent then!

Why Mr Balls thinks that wasting taxpayers money on teaching grandparents to do a job that has come naturally to us since we were cavemen, I can only wonder in complete bewilderment.

" offers advice on changing a nappy, stopping a baby crying and getting teenagers to eat their greens. One article informs grandmothers and grandfathers how old their grandchild can be before they are left at home alone, while another lists what to look for in a good childcare provider.

Advice is also given for choosing a suitable title for a grandparent – with families told to “settle on some names that satisfy all”.

Now for the "diverse bit" ..... It continues: “If you have ethnic roots, it could be fun to try out the terms they’d have used in the old homeland, i.e. Babushka (Russian) or Abuela (Spanish) have a ring to them" (more in the express online)

I am in complete awe of the fucking downright cheek of it, to be honest. I´m sure there are many grandparents out there would rather have had some help in heating costs or perhaps that 2.2 million could have been used to give Alzheimers victims the drugs they need in England or perhaps a rise in that pension that Labour plundered!

Balls, fuck off you complete tosser!


  1. Advice is also given for choosing a suitable title for a grandparent – with families told to “settle on some names that satisfy all”.

    What's wrong with what my family always had "Herr Großvater" and "Frau Großmutter", and the Gods help you if you did not stand smartly to attention when being addressed by either of them, or asking for clarification of an order. We were however excused from the honourific with "Mutter" and "Vater", but the same "smartly to attention" applied.

    If we DARED to say "Du" to any of them, we were doomed."SIE" was the only accepted form until 21. THEN you had to be invited to use "Du".

    And NO I am not joking, and I would not have it any other way.

    Never did us any harm.

  2. I know German culture very well. My mum was German before she met my dad. He was stationed in her hometown during the 50's.

    I had an Oma und Opa and I had to curtsy when greeting adults in the street.

    Never did us any harm either. Discipline is the key!

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  4. It gets worse.

    That £2.2 million essentially just paid for a design template and a small amount of custom programming. The site is built on a content management system called "Drupal", which is free and open source (I'm a web developer, and come into contact with systems like Drupal a lot).

    Hosting and the domain would come to a few hundred quid for, say, 5 years. The intricacies of the design itself, as well as testing etc would probably have been around £10k's worth in the competitive market. So they've either got Fred the Shred as content editor or Will Straw is behind it somewhere.

    (Apologies. Deleted comment was me. Made a slight formatting error :-)).

  5. I just find the whole thing insulting considering where the money could have been spent!

  6. As I managed to bring up two reasonably polite kids who have not yet been hanged for horse stealing I reckon I can manage to interact with my granchildren without the advice of Ed NoBalls & his fuckwit £2.2M website. As to putting on a nappy - what the fuck does he think we did with our own kids? Allowed them to wander round naked & shit on the sofa? I can feel an FOI re the cost/suppliers of that website coming on. Obonoxious little political no-account wannabe.

  7. Anon..the trouble with the Labour government is, they think we're all incompetent morons who can't do anything without a list of instructions.

    The other thing is, its the people of my generation that are revolting against all this crap. We are a dangerous bunch!

  8. How can you be so young and a grandparent?

  9. Sue,

    I think the problem with the Labour government is that they're actively trying to talk us into being incompetent morons. It's working to an extent, through bribery and "anything for the easy life". Just like they'd love us to riot so they can bring in the Civil Contingencies Act. Sadly, in a tale of unintended consequences, they've bred a populace more concerned with EastEnders.

    Yours isn't the only generation revolting though (well, it is mostly, but I'll sort something out!). I've been busy over here in South Bucks working on the twenty and thirty somethings ;-) And I'm 6'6 and 19 stone, and know where to find the shotguns :-D

  10. Jings Sue, I had to read this twice, thought it was a bit of satire to begin with.

    What kind of people have joined up to this social engineering?

    I'm shaking my head in despair.

  11. Oldrightie, I am a young 50 something :) thank you for the compliment x

    CS I´m relieved that some of the younger generation have been sleepwalking through this last 12 years of hell.

    Subrosa, sad bastards join or perhaps we should join for a laugh and let them know what a fucking waste of money it is!

  12. Aye Sue.

    "Today we will teach you breast feeding!"

    "Miss miss! I have a problem!"

    What is that F.T?"

    "I ain't got no fucking tits miss!"