Saturday, 23 January 2010

Britons will be forced.....

"....... to hand over their National Insurance number, signature and date of birth in order to keep their right to vote, under new plans which critics are calling 'the perfect kit for identity fraud".

Not such a bad idea I thought. It could decrease fraud.

Then...."There are fears the scheme, which is expected to be compulsory within five years, could be expanded to include identity cards and even people’s finger-prints".

They really are a rancid pile of steaming shit!

So, the plan is, unless you get your ID Card and inevitably give your DNA, Iris scan, CRB and whatever other intrusive data collection they decide, you won´t be able to vote.

Still, fucks Labour up slightly, most of their voters "won´t be arsed" to move away from the front of their benefit funded Sky and Plasma TV´s!


  1. Recently received a kit from the NHS they are sending out to everyone over 50 something designed to provide early detection of bowel cancer.

    You can probably guess how it works. I am distinctly suspicious it is not a back door (in every sense) way of getting us onto the DNA database.

  2. Do you have the distinct feeling they're going to catalogue us one by one, by hook or by crook?

  3. Yes I got the bowel kit too - initially did naff all about it through laziness although I did intend to use it, so got a somewhat peremptory reminder - at which point the whole thing went straight in the bin. Exactly who the fuck do they think they are?
    Re signature/DOB/NI No - as presumably initally they will be asking you/me to provide this info I shall just lie - don't have a passport, so don't have a birth certificate available - not born in the UK anyway - have lost my NI card. They can't check on everybody. Simples!