Thursday, 26 November 2009

British Educashion Under Labour!

I was just perusing The Telegraph and amongst my fave bloggers there is James Delingpole! He recently blogged "What Labour has done to our education system is criminal – as this heart-rending story shows"

It's probably not worth going to his blog to read this and I am certain his reason for writing the piece is for readers to go straight to THE BLOG in question. (The comments are quite a disturbing read, it seems that most of our schools are like this).

What this mum writes about is something I have heard countless times in the past few years. Women I know despairing of how bad the schools have become under the politically correct, socially engineered education system.

When I was at school in the 70's, this sort of stuff did not happen or very rarely but we had discipline and actually learnt stuff like Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, History and Geography amongst others.

We did not have lessons on "honour based violence, gender equality and sexual violence" when we were at school. We were being prepared to face life as adults with a goodly amount of all round knowledge to enable us to make our own judgements on such things.

Labour have fucked our schools and ruined our childrens educations.

Anyhow read the blog post. I think this will probably hit the papers soon. Daily Mail?


  1. The Tories have likewise failed to roll back Labours' failed education ideology.

  2. The Tories have left alot of grassroots Conservatives like you and I very disillusioned Oldrightie!

  3. I read the mothers blog, and a very worrying read it was. Its time LEAs were done away with, and schools allowed to run themselves with independent budgets. Someone has to do something.

  4. I liked the comment containing this paragraph:

    "As a child care worker myself i just want to say that teaching is a difficult profession to work in. They are overworked, underpaid and underapritiated."

  5. Until education gets back to something similar to what we had in the 40s and 50s there will be no advancement. We need the Grammar, Technical High, Girls High and schools for special needs that were in vogue at the time I went to them and trained to teach in them.

    I gave up teaching when things changed and became an engineer - then finished up having to teach the 'graduates' we got, not only hoe to use tools but also how ti think.

    It's gone backwards from there and until we get a government that rolls back all labor has done, it will continue going backwards.

  6. I was educated in the Socialist Republic of Haringey, fortunatly in a former grammar school by staff who managed to cling onto the ethos for a few short years. But it was easy to see what was comimg, the situation as described by the Bournmeouth blogger; the riff-raff staff came into the schools from the trendy-lefty Polytechnics with their sloppy long hair and purple corduroys.

    Love this comment "As to the causes of the teacher shortages, private schools have to take some of the blame for taking the best teachers out of the state system by paying them twice as much as they could expect to earn otherwise. " WTF !

  7. It is time education returned to the traditional systems. They worked!