Monday, 23 November 2009

Boy 4 expelled from school

A boy aged four has become one of the youngest children in Britain to be expelled from school.
He was thrown out of his primary just weeks after starting for constantly disrupting classes and attacking teachers.
In one incident the youngster is said to have lashed out at a teacher after he was dragged away from light switches he was repeatedly flicking on and off.

And a second teacher claims the boy, who cannot be named, kicked her after he got into an argument with another pupil over a jigsaw.

What a sad society this has become to allow a four year old little hooligan to behave so badly in a social situation. Shame really, all he needed was a good smack bottom a few times he first acted like a brat and this would never have happened!

Spare the rod, spoil the child! (How true that is).....

Source : Daily Mail


  1. I think it's a reminder that children are sent to school far too young.

  2. Full-time education may be a little too much for a child of 4 but a few hours a week for children as young as 2 or 3 is a good way to get them socialised.

    My granddaughter attends a preschool nursery for 6 hours a week and I must admit it's been good for her. She has learnt to get on with other children and it has opened a whole new world of learning for her.

  3. Pre-school good but education from six is also good.

  4. Its a wonder the teacher was not charged with assault, for dragging the brat away from the light switch.

  5. If the little bastard's parents had given him a good slap every time he stepped out of line.....but then they probably never had a good slap either.

    Labour's concept of discipline is fucking laughable if it wasn't so fucking pathetically tragic!

  6. It does not say much for the parents that what appears to be a 'brat' was allowed to become one! I had some neighbours once with a child like this and the parents did not believe in physical chastisement - came in my house and one light smack on the wrist and a strong 'NO', when he persisted in opening my fridge, solved the problem - nuff said?

  7. I'm speechless.

    Apart from . . . WTFF!!

  8. Spider is on the right track, give the parents a good fucking slap.

  9. Today's mail says the parents say the child is "spirited"..

    My children never behaved that way and I didn't have to beat them either!

    Perhaps parents of unruly children need to be given parenting classes.

    Not by the righteous of course and you can forget all that "time out" rubbish... there's nothing like the humiliation of a mild bottom smack.

  10. When my kids were little I employed the three times rule because I wasn't very keen on smacking ....Don't/stop.....I'm telling you once. I'm telling you twice.....third time - SLAP. It's surprising how few slaps were needed.