Thursday, 8 October 2009

Why bother?

It doesn't make any difference whether Cameron gave a rousing speech. After all, by the time the EU swallows us whole and spits us out as regions, they'll be no need for a Prime Minister.


  1. Now now, don't burst his bubble, he really thinks he can make a difference. He'll learn soon enough.

  2. He's our ONLY hope though, make no mistake, if that useless one eyed troglodyte gets in again it is most definitely game over as far as our sovereignty is concerned and unlike Cameron, he doesn't give a shit, it's what he desires to happen because he's an old fashioned Stalinist, they love these big, torpid, grey bureaucratic empires where everyone is poor and does as they are told in a police state,
    censorship rules and gulags are for dissidents!!

  3. He'll fight our corner and stand up for Britain.
    Labour just meekly obey their Euro masters like the drones they are, incapable of thinking for themselves, orders must be obeyed, to the letter, who do they remind you of?

  4. The most Cameron will do is delay the inevitable.

    The EU juggernaut started it's one way journey decades ago. We gave it a very powerful engine with an endless supply of fuel but no off button.

    That doesn't make it a permanent entity though. It was not founded on the rock of common purpose forged through adversity. It is built on paper, distrust and disunity and will ultimately fail.

  5. It has to fail eventually. It's a totalitarian regime and is attempting to exert its power on a predominantly democratic Europe. Many countries have suffered living under dictatorships in the recent past and I cannot in all honesty believe they will put up with it again.

  6. I think, amd hope, that Cameron is a male version of Maggie.
    He's just playing his cards close to his chest and when he gets to play them then watch out. Maggie eat you heart out, you ain't seen nothing yet.

  7. Until manifesto pledges become legally binding, I shall take the entrenched three parties' pledges with a pinch of salt.

    Cameron and his team certainly made uplifting speeches, but if you read between the lines, there are plenty more questions arising from the so-called answers given.

    I'm still inclined to vote UKIP. And all those 'fringe party' activists out there who can't convince people on the doorstep to vote for their parties, can they please suggest that people vote for other fringe parties (UKIP, LPUK, EngDem, Jury Team, independents, etc.)?

    We need this rotten system reformed and the three main parties have no intention of foregoing what they perceive as their right to govern - sod the electorate!

    Get the b@stards out!

  8. I'm with you on this Sue, Dave is the lesser of 3 evils, but ultimately the EU are our masters and Dave, and anyone else can promise the earth - but they cannot deliver as long as we are tied down to the EU.