Friday, 30 October 2009

Want a good Laugh?

Buckingham Masjid

Seriously, I feel quite sorry for the Muslim Community. He's becoming quite embarrassing now. Time for the men in white coats I think....


  1. Don't they all wear white coats, Sue?

  2. Oldrightie, who, the Muslims or the "catch a loonie" mob? He has plans for the "adult" industry too.. we're all too corrupt for Islam doncha know!

  3. It's an equal opportunities lunacy thing. Christians have nutjobs like Fred Phelps, Muslims get Andy Choudary to cringe about. On a related subject, are the BMSD getting much media coverage for their alternative 'radical' Muslim march in favour of democracy, freedom and secularism? Googling from here it looks like the media have almost completely overlooked them.

  4. No, not really, which is quite a shame! Perhaps everyone is just waiting for the main event to see what happens!

    I think the EDL are going to be there too.. it's going to be quite hard for the Police to cope with if they allow all the demonstrations to go ahead.