Monday, 5 October 2009

Not Evil, just wrong

This movie is worth a look methinks.... details at Klein Verzet


  1. Glad this is spreading around the blogosphere. Like Klein Verzet I found it on the Australian Libertarian Society blog, where there as some mention of the filmmakers being pessimistic about finding a distributor in greenery infected Hollywood and decided on simply shipping DVDs so everyone who buys it can have their own premiere on Oct 18th. I hope that it's going to be another little win for the interwebs and another little fail for the traditionalists.

  2. The man and woman on the Street know Climate Change is mostly tax generating, news producing, research fund creating bollox but I would like to know where are all the trees supposedly planted by Carbon Offset Brokerages ( like the one Gore runs ), what happens to the $billions hoovered up by these hucksters ?