Tuesday, 27 October 2009

More than one in 10 people on DNA database for first time.

This is making me so angry!

"Police forces in England and Wales have taken the profiles of 5.5 million people, meaning the proportion of the population on the system has passed a tenth for the first time. Overall, when profiles taken in Scotland and Northern Ireland are included, almost six million people have now been stored on what is the largest DNA database in the world".

Right.. This is for my non political friends who read my blog (perhaps out of kindness :) and anyone else who doesn't know their rights.

LAWFUL REBELLION... Lets stop them now!

The Police – What they can and can’t do – THE BASIC TRUTH!!! By Guy Euden

Feel intimidated by the police? Feel intimidated when you’re pulled over or stopped in the street? Feel that you are obliged to give them information or answer their questions? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then you DON’T know your rights.

A police officer is not what he was many moons ago. In bygone days they cared for their employers, yes, you! They actually wanted to help you, they wanted to solve crimes, they had compassion, a sense of fair play and in response to this they earned our respect and admiration.

ALL of that has changed! Police officers are now revenue agents plain and simple, any if any offiers think that’s not true, try not giving out fixed penalties for a month and see what happens!

The truth is, they are now your adversary, and this not meant in a violent way. More like a game of who can get who to do as their told. They are trained to get from you, what they need to fine or arrest you, by actually getting you to consent!

Please download this PDF AND READ IT! It's the one entitled "Newsletter" - It will tell you your rights!

Read the other stuff on the site, join the forum.. you will be glad that you did! Don't take my word for it, just go and have a look! If we all do this, there is nothing they can do!


  1. At least some Plod appear to be on our side; here are the Nightjack Archives, as saved by Salted Slug.

    Nghtjack Revisited

  2. The pretext for this invasion of privacy - and what could be more private than your individual biological blueprint? - is to aid criminal investigation.

    The Police don't do criminal investigation anymore: at least they do only that which is strictly necessary to maintain the pretence of criminal investigation. So, that pretext is quite easily disproved.

    Rather, the Police are almost completely converted these days into an intelligence agency. They document stuff. That includes documenting a person's literal, biological identity - the DNA.

    What the purpose of this particular information gathering is, I don't know. Perhaps it is something as mundane as identifying people who are to be levied some fine or charge to the State. But perhaps it is something more sinister. Like profiling to determine who should be allowed to reproduce and who shouldn't? Like the sale of sequences of DNA code to businesses for the purposes of experimentation and organism development. Would you like a section of your DNA transplanted into a cockroach, for example?

    I'm just guessing here. What I do know is that I don't like this business of collecting and storing DNA. It has such terrifying possibilities.

  3. It's downright immoral! Our DNA belongs to us, its an invasion of every single human right law that we have. I have never committed a crime, nor am likely to. (A real crime).

    I would refuse to give it, even if I had to go to prison. I will simply not co-operate with their version of justice.

  4. There are good and bad policemen. I don't doubt that but would you willingly participate in this if it were part of your job?

    I wouldn't, it's not in my nature to take immoral orders from a corrupt regime.

  5. There has been some discussion on Police bloggs about whose side they should be on but, when push comes to shove, the Pension wins out.

  6. Unfortunately, DNA samples can easily be taken without consent. A scraping of skin, a single hair, saliva. DNA samples are routinely taken from cigarette ends. They could be taken from eating utensils or drinking cups. On being arrested for refusing to give a sampl,e, are you going to avoid drinking even a glass of water while in custody. The Police can hold you long enough that it isn't even practical NOT to supply them with a DNA sample one way or another.

  7. Thanks for the PDF link, Sue, which I have now downloaded for lengthy perusal!