Wednesday, 21 October 2009

From Pravda

It seems we are all imagining the fact that criminals have taken advantage of the human rights act!

The Human Rights Act is not a "criminals' charter", the Director of Public Prosecutions has said. The rights enshrined in the act were "basic, fundamental, and so much part of our way of life that we take them for granted," Keir Starmer said. The law does protect the rights of victims of crime, he said in the public prosecution annual lecture in London. The Conservatives want to scrap the act, saying it puts the rights of criminals before those of communities. (If only they wouldl).....

Piss off you dickhead!

The police can't even give out descriptions for witnesses anymore incase they're asian or black! The MSM are too scared to publish photos of criminals if they are foreigners.

What planet do these people reside on, it must be a parallel earth!
Its a day for left wing nutters today!

Rowan Williams condemns 'oppressive' English educational system - Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, has criticised the "oppressive" English educational system, accusing successive governments of prioritising test marks over children's spiritual or emotional happiness.

What are the schools meant to do? Teach Islam, Christianity, Judaism??? You let them know, because I think its got to the point where most of them are confused or worried about what or how they're allowed to teach anymore!

Why don't you retire or go tend a congregation somewhere, better still, go live out your life in an old peoples home and shut the hell up!


  1. Well he would say that, he's a lawyer and it's his bread and butter after all. Blair introduced it at the behest of his shrew of a wife (also a lawyer surprise surprise) not for the sake of human rights but to fill his pockets via his mrs.

  2. Re the migrant and the cat. This has got media beat up by lazy journalists written all over it. I think the immigration judge might have taken a little bit more besides the sodding moggie into account, like the relationship with his (presumably British, or they'd have mentioned her too) girlfriend for example, but you'd never know it from the way the tabloids reported it. In my experience as someone who has been through the migrant process, though to get off that miserable fucking north Atlantic rock rather than getting in, this sounds par for the course. He'd have been told to provide evidence that his relationship with his girlfriend is genuine and lasting, and the more you provide the better. It's not all bills and bank statements in joint names - Christmas cards, invites and letters addressed jointly, photographs of the two of you together at home and elsewhere, statements and references, yaddayaddayadda. Mrs Exile and I had to write potted histories of our relationship and I'm fairly sure our cats were mentioned in one or both, not as 'hey, I've got cats so gimme a visa' but 'hey, I'm crazy enough about this girl to settle down with her and even get pets'. If so then there's not a huge difference between me and this Bolivian guy other than that I applied properly from the UK before ever getting on the plane. This is tabloid journalism at its failest.