Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nothing British about Labour - The Betrayal Continues

BRITISH taxpayers will hand over an extra £5million a day to Brussels next year if European politicians get their way, it emerged yesterday. Members of the European Parliament have voted for a £10billion increase in the EU budget for 2010, taking it to more than £116billion.

For the UK the effect would be to add £1.8billion a year to our annual net payments.

So how much is that per day for the taxpayer? £40 million + I believe... what we could do with that!

The details emerged as a think-tank warned that the Lisbon Treaty, due to come into force soon, will lead to a raft of costly new EU legislation.

More spying, more laws, more databases, less freedom. All while the political classes get rich and everyone else pays for it!

The budget increase asked for by the European Parliament will now be negotiated with the European Commission – which advised against a rise – and the EU’s 27 national governments.But whatever the result of those negotiations, it is highly likely the EU budget will increase, with MEPs keen to drive the new budget through.

Democracy in Action - this is just the beginning!

The vote illustrates the determination among many in Europe to increase the EU’s power regardless of the effect on taxpayers struggling in the recession. Research shows that the UK, which is the EU’s second biggest net contributor after Germany, already gets the least back per head from Europe than any other country.

Bloody typical, we have to leave!

The news of an attempt to push up British contributions even further provoked outrage yesterday.
Mark Wallace, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “The last thing British taxpayers need right now is even larger payments to the European Union. ‘“Brussels has a track record of waste, corruption and incompetence – and, given the choice, people would withhold their money, not hand over even more.

“The Government should put their foot down and refuse to hand over any more money.’’

No shit, Sherlock!

Richard Ashworth, deputy leader of the Tory MEPs, pointed out that Tony Blair agreed to surrender part of the EU rebate in 2005 in exchange for future radical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy – something which has not happened.

What a surprise. The Bliar sold us out.. Labour have been doing that for 12 years now, It's not going to stop when the Conservatives are in power. Quite simply, they will have no power!

“We gave up our hard cash in exchange for future action and we have nothing to show for it,” he added.
Supporters of the increase said it is needed to finance the EU-wide economic recovery plan. All Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs, bar two, are reported to have voted in favour of the rise.



  1. Buying top jobs for Labour rubbish after they get destroyed is getting very expensive.

  2. Blair was just paying his deposit for the job of EU President, Sue, never expecting any reform to the CAP. OR's got it spot on.

  3. The main feature of the Lisbon constitution is that the EU can now change the rules in any way it sees fit without consulting its constituent members. That includes " Give us more money !"

  4. We have to get out, that's all there is to it. I think once we show Europe that we still have balls, then other countries will do the same!