Tuesday, 29 September 2009

PM Pins Labour Hopes On Crime Crackdown

Err... how long have you had? How many years have you been saying this?

Drink Banning Orders - or "Drink Asbos" - for criminals who commit offences under the influence of alcohol and "tough love" action on trouble-making families are among the measures he is set to announce.
Four times as many households will be told to comply with "Family Intervention Projects".
"Most mums and dads do a great job - but there are those who let their kids run riot and I'm not prepared to accept it as simply part of life," Mr Brown will say"

What a complete waste of time. Labour haven't a clue as usual. None of these measures will do any good. Crime has got worse under labour purely because the criminals now have more rights than the victims do.

There's an easy couple of solutions to this problem.

Give parents back their right to punish their children without fear of prosecution.

Give the public the right back to defend themselves on their own property without fear of prosecution. These feral kids need a good clump round the ear and they'll soon stop terrorising people!

Of course this will never happen. The labour totalitarian socialists like complete control.. and hate it when we try to control our own lives. If I attack someone here in Spain who has broken into my house to rob me or do me harm, I almost certainly would get away with it, I certainly would not be treated like a criminal.....

and I´ll give the last word on the subject to Ed West at The Telegraph!!


  1. Labour have been making promises on crime for years, and things just keep getting worse. The cowardly, bullying police farce are no longer fit for purpose. People are being left with having to defend themselves, and then risk being the subject of a complaint to the police, by the very people they are defending themselves from.

    I've been there. Lived next to the neighbour from hell, who stood on my doorstep shouting obscenities for an hour. Strathclyde Police refused point blank to help, despite me telling them about my 3 young fearful children, and I was left to escort the bugger off my property. Six weeks later, despite me having only lightly placed my hand on my neighbours shoulder, I received a citation to attend court for assault. The police did not even bother to interview me or charge me. My neighbour was a high up freemason though.

  2. I don't pretend to understand what the Police are doing anymore. They certainly aren't doing their jobs. Seems like they're just tax collectors now. If there's no money in it, they don't bother!