Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Hapless and the Heroes!

It is reported that the majority of those seeking "asylum" in "The Jungle" in Calais are from Iraq and Afghanistan. As far as I can see, there are no families, no women, just strong young men!.

Lots of strong young men

Go Home and Join the ARMY to defend your families instead of leaving the task to foreign forces. Why should we send OUR families to die fighting to defend YOUR families if you won't help?
Have you no shame or honour?

This is the Afghan National Army!
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The Afghan National Army are being trained by the Coalition Forces to defend their OWN people. They even have a website here. The Iraqi Army are also doing a good job, wiki info here.

"The problems of desertion and difficult recruitment are recurring problems. Total manpower is at around 46,000 personnel and 3,000 new personnel are being recruited each month. Facilities and capacity planning efforts are rapidly adjusting to significant increases in national recruiting efforts to meet manpower needs.

The basic unit in the Afghan National Army is the Battalion or Kandak, consisting of 600 troops. Although the vast majority is infantry, at least one mechanized and one tank Battalion have been formed; more may be planned. An elite special forces unit modelled on the U.S Army Rangers is also being formed. Plans are for it to include 3,900 men in six battalions under French and U.S tutelege. Every ANA Corps will be assigned a commando battalion with the sixth designated as a special national unit under the Afghan defense ministry's purview.

Soldiers in the new army initially received $30 a month during training and $50 a month upon graduation, though pay for trained soldiers has since risen to $120. Some recruits were under 18 years of age and many could not read or write. Recruits who spoke only Pashto experienced difficulty because instruction was given through interpreters who spoke Farsi.

Growth continued, however, and the ANA had expanded to 5,000 trained soldiers by July of 2003. That month, approximately 1,000 ANA soldiers were deployed in the U.S-led Operation Warrior Sweep, marking the first major combat operation for Afghan troops"

Chicken shit blokes who want to sponge off Britons while our families die, defending theirs. Islam must be proud!

Nuff said!


  1. "Chicken shit blokes who want to sponge off Britons while our families die, defending theirs."

    I thought 'rebuilding' was needed in Afghanistan too. Don't they know how to use a shovel either?

  2. I didn't even think of that. It just makes me angry that they put themselves across as asylum seekers when there are plenty of ways they can be helping their own people and GETTING PAID!

    Are these the sort of lazy, hapless people we should be welcoming into our country?

    I don't think so!

  3. Auch Sue, you've excelled yourself with this post. Wait for the 'racist' accusations now and also all the do-gooders berating you for even voicing what any sensible person believes. I'm sure you'll cope though.

    Of course you know the EU are trying hard to ensure we take our 'fair share' of these louts but my problem has always been this. Why don't these people have any form of identification? Is it perhaps it's been destroyed because they don't want their past to be traced?

    Aye, leaves a lot of questions right enough.

    But we mustn't ask them questions the poor little souls, must we.

  4. I speak my mind and I know many people agree with me.

    I don´t care what the righteous think of me!

  5. Well said Sue,

    these guys are two time losers.

    Just as BS didn't know/care that her employing a maid from The South Seas was giving cover to the slave runners. No commentator has pointed out that these guys are cover for the one's that have got in. UK Border control is porous and BS is part of the reason why.

    They're part of a massive international criminal network. They've done their job and once they're back home with the pay off they've earned their bones and first place in the queue for the next run on Blighty!!

    Then another bunch of blokes further down the pecking order will be staring at us on telly.

  6. You're darn tootin!

    And why does BS need to employ a Tongan? Surely not to save (our) money?

    Great post Sue.


  7. let's have a think about this.
    the Afghans want to come to Britain because they expect - and are unfortunately likely to get - free money. you propose instead that they join the army, to get less money for a hard dangerous job, with possible reprials upon their families. chicken-shit? maybe, but maybe not.
    these Afgans are nobody's fools. their career choice (to call it that) is rational - free money, as against poverty or a dangerous job as a soldier. we, not they, are the fools, tolerating a government which pays foreigners to sit on their arses, and which sends our troops to get plastered in a war which has nothing to do with defence of the realm.
    it might be a good idea to offer these "strong young men" UK residency if they serve in the army for 20 years, or give them EU passports by way of apology for illegal invasion and a million deaths. or deport them, i don't know, and i don't care, as long as my wages aren't plundered, either to support immigrants or to pay for warfare in occupying their lands.
    i used to be in the Army, but it isn't a career choice for everyone. it's a job, not a moral obligation, please take note. a soldier isn't automatically "better" than a civilian. anyway, someone who isn't a soldier can't really complain because other people aren't, can they?
    the fundamental problem results from the theft of our money via taxes, which is then given to foreigners. that is why the enemy is at the gate, because WE pay them to be there. we tolerate the rape of our wallets by fools, and re-elect the same fools to operate the same predatory system which attracts and supports the same scavengers.
    you, Sue, left Britain because it "didn't feel like home" - no doubt Afghanistan and Iraq feel less homely since they were invaded. you are a good writer, but very wrong about this IMO. us fat white lab-rats are in no position to malign our wilder, fiercer brown cousins when they sniff around for scraps, after we wrecked their habitat and hanged their king.
    these browns in calais are few. they don't want to fight for a foreign "infidel" army and they want money, in the imagined land of milk and honey. i can't blame them, and they sure as hell aren't the problem.