Thursday, 24 September 2009

EDL Demo in Manchester

The left are preparing for the latest incursion into "their territory" Manchester... The EDL have perhaps unwisely said that their next anti extremist muslim demonstration will be held there on the 10th of October.

We can look forward to the BBC standing amongst the feral asian lads and screaming, subserviently covered feminist muslim wimmin, filming clumps of bald white men again.

Lets not forget to mention that it is quite common now to see bald white men. Infact Mr Muffled is a bald white man who could quite easily be mistaken for a BNP member (if you are stereotyping), but who is a staunch Conservative!

It's not only fashionable at the moment but simply much more attractive than the "comb-over" or the Bill Bailey "semi long haired" look.

The left-wing, socialist, communist, islamofascists and the friendly members of UNITE have produced a poster in anticipation of the event!

It's bound to be another controversial news story with more photos and film clips showing asian youths beating the living crap out of white people and throwing missiles at the police and lots of bald white men standing with placards saying "We are not the BNP" looking angry, frustrated and bemused or running for their lives.

The next day the MSM headlines will read "BNP in Manchester". Labour's propaganda machine is beginning to try even my patience now. I do at least still have the presence of mind to know the truth when I see it for myself....hopefully, someone will actually report it this time!

You can get a copy on the Permanent Revolution Site. Just in case you miss it, here is one I made downloaded earlier!



  1. They'll be well outnumbered in Manchester, it will be painted by the Manchester Evening News as white English racists inciting racial hatred.
    Anything done by the Muslim gangs and leftist rent a mob will have been provoked by white English types having the audacity to express themselves in their own country.
    A few locals on the ground might privately admit they agree with them, that's all it will achieve.
    But the fact is they have a right in a free country to demonstrate, unless Labour is returned, that will be it for freedom!

  2. The B.N.P. wont be anywhere near this demonstration as they constantly turn their noses up at the E.D.L. for voicing their views as a non racist organisation. This is more about freedom of speech and freedom of expression than anything else, because if we allow the odious dictate what we can and can't voice concerns about, then we really are heading for a gigantic fall.

    The U.A.F./Islamic Alliance in conjuncture with Labour party policy, or the right to disagree with politically correct doctrine?

    Seems straight forward enough to me.

  3. The left have always hated free speech in others, this will just be another excuse for them to stifle debate and try to pin the blame on those who oppose extremism within Islam. I don't agree with the EDL for various reasons, but by God they have the right to their views so long as they do it peacefully. Something that Unite in Fascism....sorry Unite against fascism seem incapable of doing.

  4. "the fact is they have a right in a free country to demonstrate",

    ..and to have it reported fairly, my point precisely!

  5. Agree totally.

    Islam does not recognise the separation of religion and state and is therefore not only a religion but a political organisation with some appalling and irrational beliefs. People have every right to protest at its growing influence. The EDL do everything reasonably possible on their website and in their literature to discourage violence and racist comment. What more can they do?

    It is irrelevant that it is supported by some extreme right wingers who see their objectives as first steps towards less acceptable ones. If you follow the principle of judging a movement by its most extreme followers then you should ban moderate Islam because some are terrorists or ban the Labour party because some members are Marxists.

    It is a foregone conclusion that, once again, any violence will mostly come from "Asian" youths and leftists.

  6. I am a bald white male. Totally bald. Not my choice!

    Should I be worried?

  7. I like bald men. I think they're sexy :)

  8. I've got blue eyes and blond hair, a complete anathema to Socialist scum.
    Hell, in the Koran it spews: Never submit to the Blue Eyed Devils". So everything about my appearance is frowned upon by the Islamo/Left alliance.

    Should I be worried?