Thursday, 6 August 2009

What a sad state of affairs.

It's a sad day indeed when citizens of a town, having paid their council tax, have to pay extra to employ a security company to protect them. What on earth is going on in the UK?

Residents in from Upper Shirley, one of Southampton's most affluent areas are having to pay a private security company to police the area because they are so worried about crime.

The scheme has come under fire from politicians who have branded it 'scaremongering' and say it actually 'exaggerates' the fear of violence. How many politicians live in the area? How many politicians actually live in an area where they are so frightened of being robbed or mugged that they have to employ a private security company?

"More than 300 frightened residents have agreed to pay a private security force to protect them from crime.
The uniformed officers are equipped with handcuffs and stab vests, and will even escort homeowners to and from the bank or on shopping trips to ensure they are not mugged.

Officers from private security firm Atraks said they would use the powers of citizen arrest as they patrolled the streets of Southampton, Hants, to 'prevent serious crime'.

The service costs £3.15 a week or residents can make an annual, one-off payment of £163.80".

This Labour Government IS ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE! I won't go into the reasons, we all know what they are. I am absolutely disgusted!

And to think, my local police station here in the mountains closes at 11pm because they have nothing to do!

I'm stunned, I didn't realise things had got so bad!


  1. We'll have gated communities in a few years and people so frightened of the outside world that they won't go out.

    Thanks, New Labour. You cuntoids.

  2. I would pay £163.80 for that kind of policing - proper, non-political policing where the public actually trust the police - the kind of policing those Labour cunts have systematically taken away from us!

  3. Parts of London have had privately-patrolled gated communities for a while now. I've always been against gated communities because they cut off people from the reality outside and discourage fighting for change but now things have gone too far. I think we'll see more & more of them. Like Spider, I'd gladly pay £164 pa for that kind of policing (I'd have to deduct the police precept from my council tax though!)

  4. "I would pay £163.80 for that kind of policing..."

    Me too! Not this sort though. The first commenter has it about right.