Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Seems this acronym is being used more and more these days. This one : "Man of No Appearance". is essentially used when the perpetrator of a crime or misdemenour is of foreign origins. In our bid to be politically correct and spare the calls of "picking on ethnicity", we are letting down victims of crime.

The government is scared to admit that most crime is committed by non indigenous Britons and thus be blamed for allowing a growing criminal class of foreigners to live amongst us.

It is especially unhelpful if the police want to find a murderer, as in this case."Girl, 17, found dead in car boot after high-speed police chase"

"A teenage girl has been found dead in a car boot after police used a 'stinger' device to end a high-speed chase.
Sasha Jones, 17, was reported missing after she vanished from her family home last weekend.
Police were given a description of a beige Ford Fiesta to help their search, which they soon spotted.
After a 20-mile chase officers placed a chain of metal spikes - called a stinger - in the road to burst the car's tyres. The driver, a man in his 40s, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a car parked in a lay-by".

Now, they got close enough to tell that the guy was in his 40's, where is his description? How can the public help when all they have is a car description?

On the other hand, the MSM publicises this with great relish! "When retired art teacher Jill Smith was mugged by a drug addict in a car park she hardly any time to react. But not only did the 71-year-old pensioner have the presence of mind to get a glimpse of his face - she even drew a detailed picture of what he looked like for the police.The sketch was so good that officers immediately recognised 31-year-old serial offender Lloyd Talbot as her attacker and arrested him. See how efficient the system is? Of course, in this case, the scum coward attacking the old lady is a white guy...

Looking for criminals in the olden days was a difficult task since the police could only rely on the victim's or witness' descriptions, which would then be used by professional artists to create the closest possible picture of the wanted person.

In 1960, the Identikit System was developed in the United States by a person called Hugh Macdonald that improved this task considerably. Instead of having someone draw the picture, the portrait was 'put together' using transparent sheets. The face was divided into different sections - forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin - and numerous pictures were made of each physical feature; each feature drawn on a separate transparent sheet. These separate face parts could be put together according to the witness' description, just like a jigsaw puzzle. This method was faster and more accurate. Other than linear drawings, photographs can also be used and this method is called 'photofit.'

Photofits of the Yorkshire Ripper


  1. The rise in crime and violence is directly proportional to the rise in immigration.

  2. We all know that OR, they just can't bring themselves to admit it.

  3. Another few months, Sue, and the Tories should be able to admit it for them - and not before time!

  4. I think this is one of the aspects of crime reporting in the media which is beginning to grate. It started a few yrs ago when descriptions were reduced to a bare minimum & race was only mentioned if the suspect was caucasian. People aren't stupid, no matter what this govt thinks, and it's now got to the stage where if race isn't mentioned then the automatic assumption is that it's an immigrant. What's more, they're usually proved to be correct when the suspect is caught. Unlike Spider, I don't think the Conservatives will change anything.