Monday, 17 August 2009


Equip our troops better or BRING THEM HOME!!!!

The leviathan of the sky does land
In England's green and pleasant land.
Its cargo more precious than gold
The body of a hero, bold.
Once the giant's engines stopped
The cargo ramp is gently dropped
Carried by six on shoulders true
The hero is saluted by the crew.
The coffin draped in Union Jack
Is slowly carried out the back.
Out of the dark and into light
Slowly down the ramp and to the right.
The six approach the hearse all black
And place the hero gently in the back.
The six then turn and march away
Their duty has been done this day.
Politicians usually have much to say
No sign of them near here this day.
They hide away and out of danger,
Much easier if the hero is a stranger.
The hearse with its precious load
Moves slowly out onto the road.
The floral tributes line the route
While comrades snap a smart salute.
At the edge of a Wiltshire town
The cortege slows its pace right down.
The streets are packed, many deep,
Some throw flowers, most just weep.
The crowd have come to say farewell,
The church bell rings a low death knell.
Regimental standards are lowered down
As the hero passed through the town.
The cortege stops and silence reigns
The townsfolk feel the family's pain.
The nations' flag lowered to half mast
Our brave hero is home at last.

I am sick and tired of hearing that another one of our troops has lost their lives or limbs. Bring them home or send some decent equipment over so they can defend themselves!!!



  1. This makes me so angry Sue, and seeing Gordon Brown with that limp tongue hanging in the side of his mouth claiming to speak for everyone in the UK........why can't we have a 'state of the union' address, with a proper explanation of what we are doing in Afghanistan?

  2. Well said - in truth, found this poem on another blog, however having said that, thanks for posting as well, as it needs as much repitition as is possible.

    Love the blog and have added you to my blogroll - hope you don't mind?

  3. A disgraceful loss of our finest young people to death and terrible injury. Where the hell are the rampant lefties? Just imagine the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators if it were a Conservative Government. Hypocritical shite. Same in The States. All cuddly and soft acceptance 'cos hey, Labour rule.

  4. Sue, if any government representative decided to appear now I should think they would be erm...moved out of the way as surplus to requirements.

  5. Intersting article on Reuters. We actually fund the Taliban to blow up our troops They get 30% of any construction project cost if they promise not to kill the workers or destroy the building.
    We're propping up a corrupt government which passes laws to starve wives if they don't allow sex. Karzai's own wife can't leave the house without his permission. Oh and Karzai's new best friend is Dostum. He likes to tie his opponents to tank tracks to kill them or lock them in ISO's and let them suffocate.
    The whole thing is a joke but no one is laughing. Just dying.

  6. OldRightie has it right, funny thing, where are the demo's, the anti war mob, the bearded sandal wearing protesters that have trod the protest path since the 60's, well, they've got the leftist regime they always dreamt about in power now and so, despite the fact things are worse than they were under the imperialist dogs of war, they have nothing whatsoever to complain about.
    What we are fighting for is to impose some form of westernised Communism on Afghanistan, remember, lefties don't want religion, just subservience.
    Didn't the Ruskies try that in the 70's, these tribal Afghans will not give in to ANY imperial power and have been fighting the same battle for hundreds of years.
    Why can't these allegedly clever western politicians grasp that simple fact!

  7. I think us "more mature" people are all that´s left of the 60´s "Peace and Love" era. Young people today are militant and generally brainwashed into not thinking for themselves.

    I am totally disgusted about the Sharia Law against womens rights being passed secretly and not a word from our government. There are thousands of women who should be voting, yet can´t.

    We need to leave Afghanistan to the Afghan and arab people to sort out and stop funding everything. It´s obviously doing no good!

    The phrase "Winning Hearts and Minds" makes me laugh, what about the hearts and minds of the British people who want OUT of this war?

    WFW, thank you kindly :)

  8. Our "young person" is intelligent, well educated and an absolutely charming young man who can certainly think for himself. He is now his 21st year and studying hard for a difficult "traditional" degree.

    He's irritated by the tax office, because having paid top whack tax on his part-time, minimum-wage, gap-year job, income - money that was meant to help fund his studies - he is still owed a huge refund, but patiently believes it will arrive in his bank account in due time, because they say it will.

    What does he want to do after University?

    He wants to go to Sandhurst, as do some of his friends!

    It truly is the cream of the bunch that are dying, the decent, hardworking, honest and loyal youth of this country.

    Heaven help us if they don't live long enough to enter the adult world, because many of those who are left won't know how to run a bath, let alone a country - leaving space for the burgeoning political elites to do whatever they like.

    Maybe it is all part of a cunning plan - one that is working out horribly well.

    (Apologies for anon - no blog)