Thursday, 6 August 2009

Education, the Socialist FAILURE!

With the news that HALF-a-million 11-year-olds in the UK have left primary school unable to read and write since Labour came to power. Last year’s total put the number moving on to secondary school with no useful literacy skills at 465,000 since 1997.

Standards of reading and writing in primary schools fell for the first time in the history of SATs since the tests were introduced in 1995.

One in five youngsters - 25 per cent of boys and 15 per cent of girls - failed to achieve 'level four' in English, the standard expected of 11-year- olds, despite billions of pounds invested in literacy and numeracy drives.

In what was seen as a stunning admission of failure, Schools Minister Diana Johnson suggested that 'level three', the standard expected of nine-year-olds, should be seen as a decent achievement for many 11-year-olds.

Youngsters at level three are typically unable to read well enough to grasp the point of a story or report.

They also struggle to write extended sentences using commas and are unable to add, subtract, multiply and divide in their heads or recite the six times table.

However Miss Johnson insisted that, while levels four and five remained the goal, achievement at level three should not be discounted.'Level three is actually when you have a sound basic numeracy understanding and I think it's important to recognise that,' she said.'I want us to recognise children at different levels. At level three I want them to progress on, but they can read at level three.' Honestly, how can she defend this failure?

What a strange priority!

Astounding that absolutely nowhere in these reports HAS ANYONE COME UP WITH WHY THESE RESULTS ARE SO BAD!!!

I just don't believe that the blame can be put on teachers.

Socialism loves failure and the underdog! It gives the socialists a purpose, a reason to interfere even more in our lives!

Instead of tackling the problems that Labour HAS CREATED AT HOME, as usual, Gordon Brown has come up with another generous offer for OTHER COUNTRIES TO EDUCATE THEIR KIDS WITH BRITISH TAXPAYERS MONEY!

War-torn and lawless countries will receive a massive boost in international aid to fund education, under a shake-up due to be unveiled today. The Government is singling out countries in conflict for an £8.5bn aid package – heralding a switch in resources from backing a more general development programme.

The five countries considered as top priority are Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nigeria and Yemen. Others cited by the Government include Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

That's OK then, as long as other countries' children are educated, who gives a crap about British kids?

Honestly, you couldn't make it up!

NB, These countries are obviously peaceful enough for us to send billions to in aid for education, the question that needs to be asked is, why are there still so many asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the UK?

Surely, these people want to go home and start to support their own people?

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