Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Labour's Summer of Discontent.

The summer of discontent predicted by the Labour Party has been respun into a far right race war.

In their efforts to divert attention from the fact that many of the electorate are discontent to the point of rioting, with Brown, Mandelson et al.... they have thought of a cunning plan!!!

Let us not mention the fact that Brown is too scared to come out in public these days for fear of being heckled and has to send his wife out instead.

Let's also not mention the sad state that our economy is in, even though we are constantly being told those "green shoots" of recovery keep popping their heads up and down!

Better still, let's divert the issue of the Lisbon Treaty which Brown and Sarkozy are determined to push through at all costs!

FFS! C*nts, the lot of them! (Read the comments left by readers, no one is fooled)


  1. Suszy, Baby, you are back? Gordo was out and about at the 7/7 memorial today, along with Mrs Beard. She is everywhere these days. Mandy won't like it, being usurped by a woman, even if she is gay, too!
    I'm not sure if you saw my post asking all bloggers to keep up the pressure through the "silly" season. I will do my best. As for green shoots. More smoke and mirrors. BBC just now, "Manufacturing output is fucked but Jimmy's mates at The CBI THINK everything is fantastic". Unbelieveable.

  2. Hi Oldrightie! Just trying to catch up with my reading. No internet where I was, it was very frustrating. I was categorically told not to take my laptop by Mr Muffled, who wanted a nice politics free holiday :)

    I've just read your silly season post. I agree, we must keep the pressure up and not let them forget we have NOT FORGOTTEN!

  3. The police must be so sorry they haven't had their predicted Summer of Rage yet (Hartshorn) that they just like to keep issuing warnings. The trouble is, no one believes them any more.

  4. Just as well The Mail posted their take on this as The Telegraph can't be arsed.
    Repost from GOTs other blog

    Met Police Commander Shaun Sawyer is an Inventing Problems Fool.
    Todays Telegraph, not yet archived, lazy twats so no link.

    " Police Chiefs Fear Racist Attack By Far-Right Terrorists "
    Blah blah
    " Although it is understood that there is no specific intelligence of an imminent attack"
    ( As though the 'intelligence' on Moslem attacks were any use )...
    Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of the Moslem Safety Forum..." I fear that they will have a spectacular... they will carry out an attack that will lead to loss of life in a community somewhere"
    That's right copper, stoke up the fear.

    Just to keep it all multi culti, the Community Security Trust ( WTF ? Fake Charity Alert!!! ) notes "a significant increase on the number of threats or attacks on Jews, up to ten over the past ten years".
    All attacks on anyone are wrong but one per anum over the course of a decade does not another Kristallnacht make.

  5. This government loves using fear to try to control the electorate.

    The Express is running the same story today.

    This sort of negative propaganda causes racial tension and is not helpful to people living in Labour's multicultural utopia!

    They are becoming more dangerous than the BNP!!!