Thursday, 21 May 2009

Suicide Watch

As a matter of interest, did we ever find out which MP's were on suicide watch over expenses?

I wonder what Hazel Blears knows that has Brown quaking in his boots!!!


  1. Not that I heard, but I do wonder if it was all a 'poor MPs' bullshit spin exercise in the first place. You know, tug a few heartstrings, generate a little sympathy... which just demonstrates how hopelessly out of touch they've become.

    And the midget bikie ranga is probably betting on being safe because Gordon Clown can't sack her without people asking why Purnell and Hoon got to keep their jobs despite doing much the same thing. And if he gave them the Spanish archer as well then why not those guilty of the smaller fiddles? Blears probably thinks as we do, that Gordon is a spineless cunt who deals with this sort of thing caving in at the earliest opportunity. He won't want to look bad for sacking half the cabinet and he'll be terrified of taking the responsibility over where to draw the line between those ministers who are sackable and those who aren't, and therefore he won't draw a line anywhere. Oh, he'll be happy to see the back of Blears if she can be made to feel that resignation is her best option but I reckon if she digs her heels in he won't have the balls to make an issue of it.

  2. Have you heard Nadine Dorries whining about MPS worried for each others' sanity/suicide plans? The only time you'll get a Tory MP on the BBC is when they're one of the bottom-draw loons making some especially fatuous point during Labour doldrums such as now when all the parties' MPs have had their hand in the till for years and Labour's Speaker and Prime Minister have let it all happen.

    Search their website for John redwood - articulate, honest, and Right-wing, and you get crumbs :

    Nadine Dorries, though; she's all over the place.

    It's like the BNP choosing Lee Jasper as Britain's representative to UNESCO.

  3. "North Northwester said"
    Or that thieving, arrogant twat, Steen. I still think the expenses cd was "given" to The Barclay, aka Kray, Twins from a Jimmy Snot source. That his troops are relatively OK, media wise, adds fuel to the concept! Furthermore the continual car crash that is Jimmy's stewardship of our economy and well being, remains on the back burner.