Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Jacq Off Special

I wasn't looking for porn, honest Gov, but.....

"Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s future seems to be in doubt after she tried to claim the cost of two adult films her husband watched on expenses. Why should the taxpayer cover the cost of his adult package the newspapers cry? Well we at Playboy don’t mind what he does with his package and we’d like to offer all MPs and their husbands a special VIP subscription to Playboy known as the ‘Jacq off special.’ 

After a hard days voting on legislation, lunching and talking to Gordon Brown what better way is there to relax than a quality adult film on the Playboy channel? The Cabinet isn’t the only thing that benefits from a shuffle every now and then.

It’s about time MPs and their partners stopped thinking adult channels are a ‘mistake’ or being ‘humiliated’ (well, that is catered for in a different way); they should celebrate the adult entertainment we provide! We’ll make MPs subscriptions cheaper and even bill them under the title of "entertainment" or "personal trainer."

I wonder how many MP's have taken this offer up?


  1. Well, not Gordon. Ed Bollocks maybe, or Bryant.

  2. I wonder if they'll charge it to expenses :)