Thursday, 16 April 2009

Transpired Events

I haven´t had time to comment on the weekends events as I have had visitors (and still do) but I have been watching with great interest of course. 

None of what Labour do, surprises me any longer. The whole episode smacks of desperation, it´s just a shame they felt the need to stoop quite so low. Thank goodness for bloggers like Guido, or this may have never come to light.

The Damian Green affair is similarly borne from the same desperate need to control what we are told by Labour.

Far too much of what this government does is deceitful and being hidden from those that pay their wages. 

I see postal voting is a new bone of contention with them now.... not only are they deceitful, they are downright cheats! If there was an iota of honour left in them, they would call an election now but of course we know there isn't. They are now governing us without the consent of the majority!

Time to leave.... and the Conservatives needn´t think they will get an easy ride when the time comes!


  1. "and the Conservatives needn´t think they will get an easy ride when the time comes!"

    We never have had, Sue. I'll wager you it will be a better administration than this circus of clowns, though!

  2. They are filth, and deserve to die a slow and painful death.

  3. It is the stuff of banana republics.

    Blair wanders off to set up shop as a shamen teaching about Sky Fairies. He leaves behind a rabble of Public School boys and girls squabbling over the looted stock of the tuck shop and with the fattest little lollipop-sucking bully in cap and shorts nominally in charge.

    I'm ashamed of what we have let England become. Can we please close our borders, say goodbye to our visitors and stop broadcasting anything until we can get this mess cleared up (and our politicians, senior Cyril Serf-ants and - hah! - "top brass") hung upside down and shot a bit?

    Lord of the flies looks like a mild organisational disagreement compared to this pack of hyena.

  4. I do hope the Conservatives start to behave with some humility and honour.

    Blair has alot to answer for. He is ultimately responsible for the mess we're in, Gordon has merely prolonged the agony.

    Honour... now there's a word lost to the UK!