Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Prezza laziest MP in Labour

JOHN Prescott was last night branded Labour’s laziest MP in the past year despite getting £141,000 allowances.

Two Jags missed more than half of votes, failed to speak in the Commons, belonged to no committees and did not table one written question.

Tory research suggests that his Commons record is worse than that of any colleague.

Yet Prezza, 70, has received £141,644 in allowances since March 2008. Since leaving government, the ex-Deputy PM has coined in as much as £170,000 for private speaking engagements, book-writing and a TV show, according to Commons records.

I think "The Sun" loves Prescott as much as I do. Whole article HERE

John Prescott - Hated and despised in December 2006....


  1. As big an arse as that hoon of hoons. Have you seen my picture from the past, Sue?

  2. I have oldrightie. Will have to save commenting on blogs until tonight as I have a few computer repairs to do today :)

  3. Ah now thats a bit harsh, after all two inches Prescott was probably in the toilets throwing up his 4 star lunch :-)

  4. I can stand him, he's obscene, yuk!

  5. But you have to admit his retirement from ministerial office was a sad loss to us bloggers.