Monday, 20 April 2009

On MP's salaries and expenses

I watched the excellent Dispatches Programme on Ch4 last night. The abuses in the system by all the major parties are staggering, but I have the ideal solution.

Each MP's salary and expenses are set/approved by it's constituents and each MP would actually live (God forbid) in the area that they represent. A board or committee of elected, respected people set the salary for that particular MP based on performance and need (perhaps within guidelines initially). Similarly, their expenses would be either approved or not by that same committee based on whether they require staffing costs, fuel expenses etc... The committee itself would be under constant scrutiny!

That way, each MP would be paid according to their performance. Nobody could moan then. Tory MP's who insist that a second or third job helps in their political lives by being part of the real world would know whether their constituents believe they are spending suffiicient time representing them or not. Labour MP's couldn't claim for porno's, sinks, extensions or plugs to subsidise their standard of living and keep their husbands happy!

All MP's would be given the use of a free of charge flat for the duration of their term as MP near Westminster.

Constituents would also require the power to sack an MP if he or she is not performing according to expectations and elect someone new to represent them at anytime.

Can you imagine how empowered people would feel and how many of them might in turn take an interest in their local area, it's issues and more importantly politics?

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