Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Live Streaming Online From Mobiles!

This link takes you to live streaming from user mobiles.  LINK

Times doing live blog HERE


  1. A day off again, Sue? Keep blogging, we need everybody we can get!

  2. I wish. I have lots of work at the moment (which is YAY for me).

    The G20 has rather put a damper on things too. Hopefully Sarkozy and Merkel will liven things up tomorrow. Gordon is far too smug with his brown nosing of Obama. He is positively glowing with that constant idiotic smile on his face. I could just really slap him one!

  3. Gordon? Gordon? Hmm, can you just remind me please - Gordon, he would be the pair of hairy little ankles dangling from the gusset of Obama's panties, right? Where's the rest of him then? He's not - he wouldn't be? He couldn't be, could he? Oh. My. Atheist. God. He is, isn't he, all the way.

    How long before on or more of those smug so-called "world leaders" comes out onto a balcony and suggests that we all "eat cake"?

    I love the way all of the members of the thin blue line switch into that "I'm not here, I'm not thinking, I can't focus on you or see you or remember your right to free movement unless I'm told to arrest you" mode. Must help wonderfully when squaring consciences with that old bugbear of "I was just following orders". All of this clearing the streets and fencing in the peasants to allow hugely unpopular (and hugely arrogant) politicians to scutter hither and thither is so un-English.

    Every statesman & stateswoman of old must be making the trunion bearings on their graves smoke with the sheer speed of spin.

  4. Tomorrow may be worse with the violence.

    I watched some of the demo on Sky today and all I saw were students and hooligans. I guess most of the ordinary folk stayed at home or left very quickly. The people there weren't representative of the electorate.