Saturday, 4 April 2009


Political heavyweights like John Redwood seem to think that we are going to beg the IMF for some money. My question is, did we put money into the IMF fund (under the pretext of funding poor countries), just to be able to ask the IMF for money?

McBroon economics really confuses me. We give money to poor countries when we can't afford it. They piss it away on nothing instead of buying shit that we don't manufacture. How does that help the economy?

Brown practically swoons in Obama's presence, talks big on protectionism at the G20 and one of the worst offenders is the USA.

All in all, what did the G20 achieve? 

UPDATE: I have found the perfect article which sums up the G20 by Robin Page of the Daily Mail, it's very amusing! O'Barmy meets completely barmy and ends

"So now we have another day – or even two – of globalised propaganda and brainwashing and then all these great world leaders will climb aboard their carbon footprints and globalise off into the sunset – leaving Gormless grinning, locked in the arms of the lovely Sarah – convinced that he has grown from Son of the Manse to World Statesman. Please pass me the bucket".

I just can't think of this whole fiasco without laughing, it's so pathetic.


  1. Sweet, sweet, naff all?

    Actually, to be fair - we did get to see proof that Missus Obama is "dressed" by Messrs Dreary Dull & Whatthuffolk Inc of somewhere like Tennessee or Ditchwater or something.

    She looked like she'd just had a huge delivery from a mail order catalogue and was trying everything on between photo calls before deciding what to send back and what to keep for working in the garden.

    Not that I wasn't seriously listening to the sad and sorry excuse for politicking of course ('cept that I wasn't! When you've heard one arrogant bastard you've heard them all).

  2. I thought both the wives looked dreadful most of the time. The word "mummsie" comes to mind.

    Definitely not stuff I would wear but they are both big ladies.

  3. Our leading Pederast in the House of Lording over our cash said that going to The IMF was no longer a stigma. Almost tantamount to an announcement, that. "The BBC are pleased to report that a massive boost to The Country's wealth and prosperity has been given by The IMF. Their £3 trillion pounds of lending will only be required to be serviced after the next election. This should guarantee a further 20 years at least of Labour waste. Hail our great and glorious leader."

  4. The only thing Brown achieved was a 'Brown'nose. He's been up Obama's arse like a thong for the whole proceedings, it's disgusting.

  5. He may think that it's no longer a stigma but to most ordinary folk it still means "begging bowl in hand cos we've run out of money and are in serious trouble".

    This has to be a reason to call a general election FFS!!!