Monday, 20 April 2009

The Gordfather

"Failed tyrants are never more dangerous than in the last months of their terrible reigns. It's when the surviving political prisoners get bumped off, when the suicidal last-ditch offences are launched, when the dictator punishes his people for his own inadequacies by laying waste the land in a final act of hellish Götterdämmerung. So what can we expect from Gordon Brown?"

"One of the scariest things, the consultant told me, is the way Brown's administration is handing out 15 year contracts right, left and centre for favoured Leftist projects, knowing full well that it won't have to pick the tab, and that it will be more expensive for any incoming Tory government to break the terms of the contracts than it will be let them run their course" 

What a total cuntish thing to do! Fucking unbelieveable, the man truly is insane!


  1. What a dick. I'm reading Tom Bower's bio of him at the moment! VVV interesting! ;-)

  2. I read a review of the book a while ago. I was tempted to order a copy myself.

    "The book is full of instances where Brown simply ignores Blair, pursuing his own expensive and unworkable schemes. It's as if Billy Liar woke up to find that he really did run his own nation, and that his hare-brained ideas affected real people's lives"

    Gordon Brown - A man who can brighten a room just by leaving it!

    Let me know what you think and I'll order it if you think it's worth the read :)