Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Digital Britain? Cockwaffle!

Mandelgit keeps going on about Digital Britain and how it is going to save the UK and create thousands of new jobs.

"Everyone has a view - funding and quality, not uniformity. Commercial as well as Beeb.

But the imperative and scope of this work of Digital Britain goes much wider. It goes to the very heart of UK industrial success in this century, the nature of the jobs we will do and the lives we lead and want to lead in the future"

"But in today’s brave new converged world - we do need to find a new, more flexible and more active approach. That is what Digital Britain will be about. That is what we are planning and you are contributing to today and thank you for what you are doing to realise this vision for Britain. Future jobs and livelihoods depend on it. Thank you"

We can't even run a help desk from Britain!  What industries is this going to create? Is this the broadband for all the government is pushing? To what end?

What the fuck is he going on about? I didn't understand one sentence of this garbage blurb!


  1. WTF is a converged world?

    I've read that para 4 times and I still don't know what the loon is talking about..mind you, he doesn't either.

  2. He's a total dick - especially when he spouts on about how people are talking "down" the economy when it's completely fucked thanks to THEM!

  3. Well spotted Sue!

    This is a classic of clueless vacuity from a party and government who've lost their last idea.

    If it was a murder mystery game this one would read: Lord Mandelson ...at the British Library ...without a Clue.