Sunday, 15 March 2009


I woke up this morning, Spanish sun streaming through my bedroom window. First things first, switch on the laptop to read the Sunday papers in the hope that Gordon has either been assassinated, toppled or had the sense to resign. Next step, quick election, the Conservatives will win, sort out all this Big Brother, Nanny crap and I can come home to Blighty!

Instead, complete insanity! How can this government have the audacity to represent the working classes? There aren't many pleasures left now that Gordon has bankrupted the country. A takeaway Burger King at the weekend washed down with a nice alcoholic drink and a good DVD from Blockbusters and Saturday evening was sorted! Cheap and cheerful and no babysitters required.

Gone are the days when we all met down the pub for some friendly banter and a few fags for a social Saturday evening, they're all closed or non-smoking now, we are confined to our homes!

If there's something I would quite like to do, it's shoot interfering arseholes like this :

Who the fuck do they think they are? Who the bloody hell is in the cross-party commons health committee? I can't seem to find the names of the people responsible for this cunning plan, I'd really like to give them a piece of my mind. Probably the same people that have come up with the other bright idea of pricing the working classes out of the drinks market I shouldn't wonder. While all the rich politicians (half of whom are probably alcoholics anyway), still down their brandy and smoke their cigars in the smoking rooms at Parliament!

"Chief medical officer Professor Sir Liam Donaldson will tomorrow recommend state limits on the price of alcoholic drinks, meaning that none could be sold for less than 50 pence per unit of alcohol.
The proposal, from his annual report on the state of the nation's health, will say the stark measure is necessary to tackle the scourge of binge drinking among Britain's youth, and rising levels of alcoholism among older people"

Who the bloody hell does Sir Liam Donaldson think he is? Is this just another Gordon ploy to stealth tax the British into complete poverty and degredation?  Thank goodness for the Channel and Calais shopping, it will make the journey even more viable now. You will be able to save pounds and the British government will lose all that revenue to the French. 

I would like to know what the Conservatives are doing about this too.. or are they too chicken shit to open their mouths again.. well don't bother apologising for it after the fact!

Welcome to Airstrip One people!


  1. Airstrip One, minus the victory gin.

  2. Who the hell do they think they are is right. Will MPs et al EVER realise that they are employed (were employed) on temporary short-term contracts to undertake the quiet, domestic, non-intrusive running of the general shit of UK PLC? I did not and never have and never will elect them to become arbiters of lifestyle. I'm repeatedly gobsmacked to the point of apoplexy at just what these Hitleresque busybodies think they can poke their nose into. They'll be sniffing our backsides as we use the loo next, checking for salt intake and "E" numbers.

    The only consolation comes from things like the conversation I had with three pensioners (over a period of time, in the local laundrette, as you do) during last week. They started the conversation and what they wanted to do to the government and each individual MP made me, as a bloke, wince - and these were regular, polite, archetypal "little old ladies". Yonder government has truly overstepped the mark if even they were headed towards rage.

  3. Oh for the day they might be toppled.

  4. You know, I saw the first line of your post and then the Herman and the Hermits tune hit my head...

    'I woke up in the morniong feeling fine,
    sunshine on my laptop, Brown had resigned'

    Conservatives are going to win so my dreams say, yeah..

    I've got a feeling I'm onto something good...'

    Quite why I'm feeling musical today, I don't know...

  5. Just posted a really long reply to this post but I accidentally deleted it!
    Basically saying I'm as fucking livid as you on this. This government is an outrage, and the sooner said assassination takes place - or McBroon gets the boot - the better!!

  6. They are out of control. Cheeky buggers! I honestly think they're all going insane with power. Don't they realise they more they do this, the more people are going to turn to drink and anti-depressants. You can't keep attempting to subjugate a people without paying the consequences. They'll either become self destructive, riot or both!