Monday, 9 March 2009

The more You bully people, the more they will rebel

Have Labour learnt nothing in 12 years? Are any of them "active" parents, actually taking care of their children rather than palming them off to a Nanny? Human nature dictates that the more you tell people what to do, the more they will rebel! Get it? 

Govt blamed as litter rises 500% (full article here)

"Councils' failure to curb a 500 per cent rise in litter through education and fines loses taxpayers £500 million a year in clear-up costs, a report released today has said" Firstly, stop bullying people about litter. Allow people to actually throw their litter away without being watched by spies...provide proper tips for things that the dustbin men won't take. if you threaten good people for putting potato peel in the plastic recycling bin by mistake, they'll actually begin to resent you...even the sweetest old lady may stuff her left over cabbage heart into the newspaper and magasine bag, just to spite you!

"We must build civic pride in clean and tidy environments, with communities competing to be spotless," said Bryson (CPRE)"  Why don't you try to find out WHY people aren't proud of their communities first? I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you they think their council tax is a waste of money and give you advice on what it should be spent on rather than funding a massive civil service with fat pensions and great bonus scheme for the council fatcats.

"Only then can we stop the exasperating and routine vandalism of a country so rich in natural, cultural and built heritage.” You don't care about our heritage.. our customs and traditions (even Christmas) have been vandalised! Our heritage has been chronically underfunded since Labour came into power.(Hansard)

"Too few local authorities fine, and many fail to fine the worst offenders, such as young urban males, as wardens perceive them to be a threatening and dangerous, they said" Young Urban Males... OMG, attack of the killer litterbug  hoodies.. they're the worst rebels of all.. as I said.. Does anyone in Labour have children?


  1. The essence of the bully: as long as the victim keeps giving in, the bullying continues and increases in intensity. It's the essence of government these days too.

    Wardens will go for the harmless-looking, never for the threatening. The police are going the same way - they'd rather arrest a photographer than tackle someone who's assaulted the Count of Green Slime. All you need to do is act aggressive and they back down.

    Standing up to bullies really does work. People are starting to realise that.

  2. I do hope so. It's all getting out of control now and I worry for my kids back in the UK!