Monday, 16 March 2009

More Green Taxes

Taxes must rise to pay for climate change, MPs warn:

Who started all this global warming crap? I honestly don't notice much difference in the weather in the UK in the last 30 odd years or so... I am a serious climate change sceptic I'm pleased to say. I think that this whole industry has been manufactured to make money out of the taxpayer!

Again, it's another bloody committee, who are these people?

Oh yes, Tim Yeo is one that I recognise. They work for you (yeah right)

Registrable shareholdings
(a) Anacol Holdings Ltd.; a family investment company.
(a) ITI Energy Limited (Clean Energy)
(b) AFC Energy (share option).(Another poncy innovative clean energy scheme)
(b) Eco City Vehicles plc. (speaks for itself methinks)

Hello, how stupid do you think we are? 
Fucks sake! 
Fuck Off!


  1. I wonder what the politician's cry will be once we actually reach 100% income tax? Where do they (we) go from there?

    Politicians must die to fund income tax. I hope.

    Global warming is blown out of all proportion. The last friggin ice age was just 10,000 years ago. The climate changes as it feels like it and the infestation of people might be helping it one way or t'other by a few percent, that's all.

    Of course we should clean up industry/transport/politician's wind problems - because they way we do things at the moment is embarrassingly old-fashioned. The internal combustion engine was superceded a hundred years ago, it just hasn't been replaced yet because - oh, that would be because it brings in so much tax revenoo.

    Would anybody in their right mind ever accept a commercial "contract" of the kind H.M. Government seems to think it has with the taxpayer? They're a laughing stock.

  2. I agree entirely, we have a responsibility to clean up our act and control our populations to within reasonable numbers.

    What gets me is, this information is available for a Mrs Ordinary like me to check up on. They don't even hide their greed and corruption anymore!

  3. I have always followed climatology well before the crap about "climate change". It changes over every 24 hour period and 12 month cycle for f***s sake!
    The overall changes will reverse at some point as the earth's core cools. As for politicians, well words fail me.

  4. Oldrightie